June 29, 2013

Busy as well as a Sad Girl at the Moment

Been days since my last post. I'm still waiting for my favorite shows to start their new seasons, I'm struggling with my multi-tasking at school, I have a few more commissions to finish. Life is Hard だけど Happy. 

By the way I have this update on my personal life, my wallet was stolen yesterday. I was in the school library, when I returned I saw my bag moved already, and opened. My bad anyway, should have kept a close eye. 

Don't worry nothing valuable was lost (I still have my pens, my lip balms, my cologne, my notebook and....yeah you get the point), I only had about ₱7 in it (About $0.16). At the moment I'm trying to imagine the thief's surprise, opening my wallet, expecting to see lots of cash within its pockets. Too bad for him he chose to victimize a poor girl like me. 

Haha, shit, I'm almost ashamed that I only left a few coins for him. Anyway, this truly one of the best ways karma helped me. Though it did diminish my respect for humanity somehow. I guess I was stupid for believing that every person has this small inch  of good in them. Looks like its time to stop trusting my surroundings.

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