June 29, 2013

I'm Back to Drawing! Yay!

It's been many many months since I last drew something coherent. Due to one boring night though, while I was trying to understand the notes I held in my hands, I decided to turn it over and draw a female princess or something.

Is she princess-y enough? I was leaning towards European type of royalty, I have no idea how the long straight hair and exposed belly came from.The only element that survived from my intention was her gloved right hand and the tea. But I love how it came out anyway, if it were a male knight riding a whale, I would still love it.

That's the way I draw, it depends on whatever mood I'm in. Now this is actually more like a season premier, I will start drawing again for few months up until my mood tilts and I'm focused on other things once more. For example "last season" I was busy with my journal-writing, now due to my exhaustion every time I get home from school, I will just have to forget about it.

Is anyone else like me? I'm seriously thinking I'm weird.

1 comment:

  1. Omigosh, your drawing is absolutely amazing! So unique! ^__^ I think she really is a princess haha

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