July 19, 2013

A Quick Update

me with some of my group mates
We are so busy right now. I never imagined that implementing our feasibility study and at the same time trying to give same priority to my academics as well as squeezing in my hobbies could be so fucking tough. On the second thought, it might have been bearable if it weren't for our late schedules. Every time I get home these days it's already past 9 pm and I still have to eat dinner before doing anything else!

 Another problem is that I don't believe in all-nighters. Never did. This is stuff that we learned in kindergarten, always make sure you get your sleeping hours right. Thus I always make it to a point that the latest hour I could be awake is 11 pm and I'll wake up around 6 am. So despite me facing a mountain of work load, I will still sleep peacefully anyway.

But on the bright side of the situation, I'm quite optimistic for our business. Last friday we had our Product Launching in the campus. Since our product is non-food, we couldn't do taste samples of course. But we had planned to put up some kind of photo booth with the participants modeling our bag. Man, I guess we nailed it so it's kinda successful, time well spent.

Plus tomorrow noon we would be selling our product during the opening of the COSAA (Cagayan de Oro Schools Athletic Association) at our school gym. I'm enjoying the entire experience no matter how hard it could be. But so far my grades are still in their boring averages so things are OK, I'm still surviving hahaha! So if I might be absent from my blog for a days, this is the reason, I'll be back on track when things gets a little bit easier here.

PS: If a nationwide holiday will suddenly show itself out from nowhere and results in cancellation of classes for a few days, I would cry bitch tears. a girl can dream =_=?

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