July 27, 2013

My Current Diary

Virginia Woolf is basically the reason people think diaries are awesome.

Thus I'm keeping one.This yellow and black hard-bound notebook was originally my mother's, she bought it in National Bookstore with the intention of using it to list down groceries and bill payments. I somehow took it as mine later on, my mother writes really huge letters and likes to cross out bought goods from her lists in a heavy manner. It pains me to imagine these pages with pen erasures.

It looks used of course, I've done a lot of entries =)

Anyway the notebook is just so beautiful, that I just fell in love with it. Since I've been a journal writer since I was young, this immediately became my current diary and I have no regrets.

Another cool thing about this notebook is that it has one hell of a sexy name: Venzi Copelle. Here is a description found in the inside cover:
"COPELLE is part of the VENZI collection of design journals created by Tokio native Nasakoto Yakata exclusively for Victoria."
I have no idea who Nasakoto is, nor could I identify Victoria as a company or a person, but I'm grateful to them.

The pages are smooth, heavy and fortunately good with different types of pens. Seriously, since I bring this with me wherever I go, there at times when I have the urge to write but I have no pen with me. My diary entries are colorful, I've used all three colors from Faber Castell to the relatively cheap HBW ballpoint pens. But so far so good and just perfect for me. Usually when I acquire a fancy notebook, writing on it tends to be hard, because it's so nice.

Here are some of my journal entries (They tend to be really random and I managed to give myself lots of freedom over my diary):

This was when I decided to cut off my long hair, and of course I need some kind of souvenir.
I've decided to include some of my drawings too, this girl's a personal favorite.
A doodle I made in class last year, and the first entry of my diary as well.
AND OF COURSE, I won't leave my obsession behind: I naturally posted Game of Thrones-related pictures in this journal
Keeping a journal or diary or whatever else you call it, is quite fun. Whenever I read past entries I made, it makes recalling of past events and my emotions is much easier. Certainly an effective way to record one's thoughts, opinions, and soul. It's so personal and intimate, I believe I will keep on writing in a diary for many years to come.

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  1. I bought a copelle a couple of years ago at my local Michael's, and now I can't find them anywhere local or online. Do you know if there is a website?



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