August 09, 2013

25 Day Challenge: Deep Thoughts About You

I've been negligent about this blog for many weeks already, it's frustrating. So I decided that this month, I will be a proper blogger and try to post more relevant blog entries as much as possible. How am I supposed to do that? Well the internet helped me: Day Challenges. These challenges are quite popular in tumblr, and I've done a few many months ago.

So now I chose the "Deep Thoughts About You" challenge which only requires 25 days.
day 1 - your favorite picture of yourself and one interesting fact for every year you've been alive
day 2 - your thoughts on death
day 3 - your thoughts on religion
day 4 - your most significant childhood memory
day 5 - discuss your feelings on the word “love” and the way it’s used in today
day 6 - your all time favorite movie
day 7 - talk about your idol and how they influence you
day 8 - ten things you’d like to say to ten different people, without using names
day 9 - your favorite blog
day 10 - a picture of your favorite relative
day 11 - your biggest fear
day 12 - a picture of the place where you were born
day 13 - discuss your first kiss
day 14 - your thoughts on drugs and alcohol
day 15 - your celebrity crush
day 16 - ten things that make you smile and a picture of yourself smiling
day 17 - discuss your greatest fear and your greatest dream
day 18 - a picture of your best friend
day 19 - a picture of yourself and someone you don’t actually like
day 20 - talk about where you go/went to high school
day 21 - a picture of your first boyfriend/girlfriend
day 22 - a time you felt like ending your own life
day 23 - your biggest regret
day 24 - a picture of you when you were younger
day 25 - a picture of your all time favorite band.


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