September 25, 2013

I'm Finally Twenty!

It was my birthday yesterday, September 25. So far it had been the busiest birthday I've ever had. So what took place? Here's the schedule

7am-11am Labor Employment for Graduating Students Seminar
The guys from the guidance counselling expected to find more than 700 students but the people who have attended yesterday, including me, only summed up to around 200. So despite the humid weather, the room stayed cozy and less crowded.

11am-12pm Did a bit of research at the school library+lunch
All in one hour. The fortunate thing is the school computers were doing well yesterday, without the usual crashes and lagging it loves to put itself up. I easily finished the research thing then rushed out to have a hasty meal from McDonald's

12pm-1pm Photoshoot for our Feasibility Study's magazine requirement
That's where the photo above came from. Had fun with my team mates and got ourselves good takes. All photos by Hanabelle:

At the Loyola Hall
The earthlings are at the soccer field!
1pm-3pm Religion class
Where our teacher suddenly announced that we can't have our planned outreach program at the Home for the Aged this Sunday so we would do it this day instead, right after class.

3pm-4pm Outreach program on the streets of Divisoria,
Apparently we bought Mcburgers, only a few were given out. But there were only few street children milling about anyway. We walked a long way. I gave my share to a mother and her two young daughters. Even if I've already done this a few years back, I still feel happy seeing the happiness in their eyes with such simple gift.
Also got to know more about some of my classmates on the way back to school. Too bad we only got the chance to befriend each other when the semester is almost at end.

4pm-5pm Went back home to get my mother's employment records then back to the city to have them scanned.

6pm Finally got back home and ate ice cream!
Ube Ice cream by Nestle

Despite the hardships and journey I have to endure...yesterday, I find the day amazing and happy. I wasn't in my complaining mood and was actually feeling good. Thanks to all those people who have made my life colorful!

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