September 06, 2013

Looking Back is Hard

I was browsing through my old DeviantArt account a while ago when I decided to read my old journal entries. I was in for a surprise since I realized from the way I write that was one crazy human. It's really scary and I am grateful to all the gods of the Earth and all the stars and aliens in the heavens above that somehow, I've changed for the better.

First, all I could talk about was Arashi. I still love them now, but I was such a batshit crazy fanatic back then. Plus I talked like I truly believed that I will meet and certainly marry Ohno Satoshi and shit. I wonder how my friends were able to survive me all those years, seriously this made me appreciate them more. If I were aware of what I was doing then, I would hide myself in the deepest fucking abyss and delete my existence from reality

Third scary discovery is my "Like" phase. My paragraphs consists mainly of "I was like, then I was like, it was really cool like umg she said she's this like wut and I was like wat da fuq dud he's like and she was like and I was like umg umg and everyone was like wat do?"

Kill me. Somebody kill me now.

But on the bright side, these recollections are hilarious if you think about it. I also did generous features of fellow Deviant artists and I still love those artworks now, nothing changed in my preference for drawings. Plus. I saw an old pic of mine! Must have taken it three years ago:

All you've read in this post is our dirty little secret

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