September 08, 2013

My Favorite Pinoy Snacks

We all have that soft weak spot for a delicious, mouth watering, unhealthy junk food, right? All those sweets and chips inside foil packs are the real vices in the world of food. You can never go wrong with its good taste and memorable crunching experience. Thus I will never judge my fellow junkie-loving people out there, whether you're fat or slim, we have all fallen as victims to craving junk food once in a while. Guilty pleasure at its best.

Now let me talk about Philippines. In a most unique way, Filipinos are the exact opposite of bulk buyers. Everything's got to be sold off in smaller quantities. The same thing goes for the chips and candies a.k.a. Tsitsiryas! In fact my earliest childhood memories consist of my chubby self eating from small packets I bought myself using my savings from the piggy bank. It is not surprising that my love for junk foods is still very much present today.

However, I have this love-hate relationship with unhealthy snacks due to their...unhealthiness. My immune system's getting jealous, so sometimes junk foods and I broke up, sometimes we are shamelessly doing PDA. But today, Tsitsiryas and I are getting together once more! I want to share to you my favorite snacks from the local groceries:

Big Munch

It's available in three flavors: Cheese, Black Pepper and Barbeque. I only care for the existence of the first one and the rest is crap. Maybe it's only my tongue, it all boils down to personal preference anyway.

So why do I love thee?
Simply because Big Munch is honest and does not dare to deceive their most awesome customers. That includes me. But on a serious note, I enjoyed it not just because of their unique salty-cheese flavor but the fact that compared to other junk foods, their 28g packs actually have enough corn chips inside them! I hate it when I open a foil pack and discover that 80% of that weight was just air, so when Big Munch recently invaded the grocery stores, it was to my great happiness.

Choco Mucho

Here's a scary fact: When I was in high school, I could easily eat about ten of these crunchy choco-filled chocolate wafers in a matter of minutes. If it weren't for my poverty-stricken state then, I could have gobbled a box of these in an hour and would have asked for more. My addiction went off the grid and I decided to stop and get hold of myself.

That sounded like a battle with drugs eh? These days, I finally have a healthy craving of Choco Mucho and have them at moderate quantities. Makes both my stomach and my wallet happy.

Happy Peanuts

These small packets of peanuts are everywhere. It exist for the sole purpose of being able to exist. I honestly cannot imagine love without Happy Peanuts, I especially love the brown one and could have a peaceful lazy afternoon with them as companions and I shall be content for the rest of the day. The same thing goes for boring long rides to the provinces to visit relatives. Bored at school? Munching on them helped.
So basically Happy is now a necessity these days.

Cheese Ring

If America has Cheetos, we have Cheese Ring (which is of course only in circular shape)! First of all, I wonder if those marketing guys at Regent are truly doing their jobs. It's been so many years but any noticeable difference in their Cheese Ring packaging are simply minor changes. I mean look at that space girl, quite cheesy. Hue hue hue.

So apart from the pun, it's again due to its cheese flavor that I absolutely love this baby. Been a loyalist ever since I was small and up until today I couldn't help but cry to mother "Buy me a big bag of Cheeeeeese Riiiiiiinnnngggg" every time she steps outside to do the groceries.

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