October 30, 2013

The Rash

First, I just wanna share these photos of my leggy legs during the time I had the worst rashes I've ever had in my entire life as some sort of prologue:
Sorry for the bad quality =)
But I guess the message's clear =(
Whatever you call this kind of rash, it sure fucked me up so bad. Lasted a few weeks and was the itchiest I've ever felt. I have no idea how it began, but I first noticed the bumps on my legs one night, just a few minutes before I fell asleep. The first thing that came to my mind was that they may be due to mosquito bites, as it has always been my skin's default reaction to these pesky insects. Since I was already sleepy and the lights were already out by that time, I decided to forget about the them and I had a long uneventful sleep.

However it is to my utmost horror when I finally saw the real situation the next morning: Islands of bumpy rash all over my legs, my stomach, and even a few on my arms!
Thank God I was calm during the ordeal. The same thing had happened to my mother many years ago and from what I discovered afterwards, it's almost normal and most people I know have gone through this 'phase'. Even my schoolmates fortunately didn't think it was unusual.

Apparently it has a nickname, "hangin-hangin" which literally means "wind-wind". The older guys explained to me that it was due to a certain type of bad breeze and I was temporarily allergic and there was nothing I could do but wait. Naturally, my mind was screaming bullshit at their explanation. But since I found nothing helpful in the internet, I decided to accept their theory instead.

I did not go to a doctor, nor did I take any kind of medication. I went on with my life and everything is cool, only with an additional itchiness I somehow managed to survived. Fortunately my island-like bumps faded on its own, and one day I'm surprised to see myself...eh...normal again! But I sure hated those days.

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