October 26, 2013

Wella's Adventures Part 2: That Pretty Woman

This story didn't took place on the road, rather it was in a mall many many years ago. It had been a nice warm morning and mother and I were strolling around the shopping mall for a little while before going home.

I was able to find myself alone in one of the department store's corners. While I was busy admiring clothes, I can't help but noticing the sales ladies looking restless. They were staring at somebody behind me and from the look of their faces, they were both awed and curious. I was immediately curious too so I turned around. Behind me apparently stood the most beautiful creature I've ever seen in my entire life. 

Somewhat like this woman, but with a whiter complexion and an amazing facial structure.

She was looking at hats so I was able to ogle at her radiant aura. Up to this day I could still remember her smooth white skin, her incredibly heavy ebony locks, and perfectly placed nose and mouth. She had been quite tall too, and moves in such a graceful manner. The only weird thing about her was that she was wearing such awfully huge sunglasses, as if anytime now she would shrink and hide behind its lens. To make the situation memorable, she was with two bodyguards. Both of them are huge and wearing dark uniforms. 

As I said earlier, this took place years ago and I was still a young girl. Despite the lady's beauty and charm, I was easily intimidated by the bodyguard so I went away to find my mother.
If I think about it now, my conclusion would be that she was either a foreign actress on vacation or could be one of those socialite girls. it's really hard to imagine where that kind of beauty comes from. 

Damn she might have been an elf for all we know. 

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