November 27, 2013

Doodles Ahoy!

A few weeks in at school I've already started on doodling my lone notebook. As I usually do with this types of post, I am going to tell their individual stories.

The Sun on the far left was due to our Philosophy of Religion class. Our prof was telling us about how ancient people worship the heavens because of its mysterious nature and uncontrollable moods. Made me imagine that maybe the sun truly has a face and we just don't know about it. LOL, so that doodle became the result.
The one in the middle, The Fairy was again the result of our Philosophy class, also in the same lesson only this time we talked about ancient guys believing in a different kind of sacred which are the fairies, the trolls, the elves, etc. Finally the last one, let's call her The Girl, was from our Taxation class. I have no idea how Taxes and Inheritance is related to this girl, but I sure loved it when I was finally done (just before we were dismissed)

I am certain though. that there would be more doodles in the future.  After all this is still the first month in the semester.

UPDATE: here are the pens I'm using btw
Titus Pens are quite good with their marketing these days, and I of course, sincerely love their colorful offerings. I currently got a pink, a purple and a green. It was really weird when I answer quizzes in purple but it's quite handy in terms of drawing doodles.

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