November 01, 2013

Pink Colors are Here. I'm Doomed

Let me set the situation first: I almost hadn't made it into this year's second semester due to financial problems. But I soon found myself enrolled due to miraculous circumstances and I'm not complaining. This would be my last months in college too if I'll survive all the major exams, thus my mother saw it would be the best time to buy me a new phone! You see, a good friend had been lending me her extra mobile since contacting me had been a problem.

Honestly though, I could actually live without it. Despite being part of the Facebook-Instagram-Twitter generation, I've always been neutral when it comes to using cellphones. I'm not even a fan of reply to messages or answering calls. But due to our school requirements which requires a ton of group cooperation, I have to own a phone.

First, I chose to have another Nokia C1-01. That model was absolutely sleek, user-friendly, light weight and performs the basic phone features really well. It has the shittiest camera but I was still excited to have one again. Much to my dismay, the sales lady said the model had been phased off already and I should choose from among the newer mobile phone models. Oh you mean those tiny ones with shining metallic body and soft rubber keypads that are quite easy to pulverize?

You must be kidding.

So I wandered off and decided to go for a Cherry Mobile.
I've heard lots of scary stories about these phones. But since it's Halloween, let me summarize them for you:
Cheap China phones that gets broken rather easily. Fortunately that stereotype is only applicable to their touch phones these days so I went for the pink one at the left.
Nope, there were no other colors.

That's not all, I also made a mini back-to-school haul. Being able to enroll myself this semester was one pleasant surprise so I might as well make it the best college sem I've ever had. After buying the essentials like correction tapes, pens and pad papers, a most important decision I have to face was which type of notebook should I go for? I need one that is hardcover, but flattens out really well when opened so I will have no trouble writing. My standards are reasonable but I had a hard time looking. Fortunately I found the right one that fits my specifications perfectly.

The only problem was that it's a Barbie and Barbies usually comes in groups of pink. But I almost didn't make it school this year, do I still have the right to be choosy? Nope.

So here are two of the most important tools I'll be using in the next few months:
Dearest Color Pink. Fate made you my partner this time and I hope you'll be able to bring in a handful of good luck. I need it in order to graduate. =)

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