November 16, 2013

What's Inside My Pursey Purse?

I have no idea why I spend my time looking at other blogger's What's Inside My Bag posts. It feels like trespassing into somebody else's private room. The scary thing is that it's kinda fun, like trying to decipher their personality through their belongings. 

Then I realized I could make my own too. Thus this post is long overdue, but finally here I am spilling the contents of my ancient bag for the world to see:
Now let's check these shit out:

1. Record Book - I'm a cash custodian for our business this time so this where I record the cash flows and the transactions taking place.
2. School notebook - I mentioned this one in an earlier post. It has a huge Barbie tiara that I fortunately managed to cover up with my schedule. 
3. University ID - Leaving this one is a big no-no. Debating with the university gaurds without an ID is one hell of a war, and school's an everyday shit these days.
4. Umbrella - Quite useful and small enough for my bag
5. Pencil pouch -The innards include 3 post-its, a tiny Hello Kitty multi-colored pen, a correction tape, two ribbon clips and my gold Sony Walkman B Series.
6. Harry Potter pencil pouch - This baby of mine is already eleven years old.
7. Comb - I actually used a brush last semester but I decided it's too heavy already.
8. Cherry Mobile D80 - For texting, calling, ebook reading, and TV viewing.
9. Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder - For this oily face of mine, I refuse to wear heavy make-up in daily activities, so this loose powder is perfect to keep the oiliness away.
10. BEIER Black Wallet - A faggot stole my wallet a while ago. so now I finally got to replace it with this one. Apart from my allowance, my new wallet is still basically empty.
11. Scotch Tape
12. Mirror - I bought this because of the cute pig.
13. Lipbalms -  Can't live without these darlings. I have a Lobello Classic Care, a ChapStick Ultra, and a Cherry Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care 
14. AVON Heaven Scent Splash Cologne
15. Lip Gloss - I seldom bring these though, but it's an essential during special occasions.
16. Towel Handkerchief - The most important thing inside my bag. My rhinitis is one big asshole and this is the only help to keep my sanity sane. 

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