December 18, 2013

The Busy Week

A huge warm welcome from Ribbon Teddy and me
I'm so sorry if once again I failed to post things in this blog for many days. I had a very busy week, and despite the temptation to push deadlines or put off a few obligations, I know I just can't do it. So what took place last week anyway? Here they are:

Resume and the Exit Interview
For graduating students, we have this responsibility on meeting the necessary requirements so we can walk up the stage. Part of the long list is finalizing our official resumes. This one is different since the school gave us a specified format and if we got through our Final grades at the end of this school year, they're going to bind everything up into one huge book. Fortunately I'm done with this in two day's time and even got my exit interview finished.

Yearbook Photo Shoot
The make-up artists were from Manila, and they know no Bisayan words. It was embarrassing whenever we blurt out some request in vernacular, and realized too late what's amiss and you have to translate everything all over again. As for my 'creative shot' I opted for sitting cross-legged on a stool since I have no other idea on how to creative it should be. I did the one leg over the other sitting position, like a yoga master, blew my mind when I discovered years ago that not everybody could do it. But apart from that, they were the coolest guys ever and the entire process was easier than what I had expected. I'm quite satisfied with my photos too and finished in time.

Greenwich IMC Plan Final Battle
This was part of our school's Junior Marketing Association series of activities in partnership with the Greenwich Pizza and Pasta Chain. My friends and I decided to create a team to try our hands at it. In a most surprising turn of events, we were included in the Top 5 paper. This is against other groups and other schools, so I guess I'm proud that we've come this far.

Our Final defense was hasty and we only got the fifth place. However everything's still cool since we were the only seniors who got in and at least, despite our busy schedule, we were able to present a good paper. Also there were enough food outside the venue to make us happier LOL. Anyway a huge congratulations to the winners!

Office 365 Reporting
Yep, despite all our quizzes, exams and readings, our instructor still found time for use to report about a broad topic such as Microsoft's newest product line. In fairness, I learned a lot from my report and made me contemplate whether to get an Office 365 or not since it's truly remarkable and efficient. Also I lost my Law book that night too. My emotions are equal parts of happiness and regret.

So yeah, like I said, I lost my Law book and we have and exam tomorrow. I might still be busy in the next few months, but as for now, I'm finally giving myself a permission to be lazy. After all, Christmas is near! Stress is huge no-no this season! I'll be continuing my 25 Day Challenge as well.


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