December 05, 2013

The Doodle for the Day!

No seriously, made this a while ago. During our Philosophy class. Again. The worse thing is, we're going to have our Preliminary exams next meeting and all I did was doodle away like there's no tomorrow. Well, I was listening anyway, but with this kind of notebook, I will just have to prove to myself that I was truly listening to the lectures. Or else I'm doomed.

Another worsening condition is our classes. They're getting more demanding as the graduation date is finally at the horizon for us seniors to applaud. Too many reports to present, papers to write, money to collect and bills to pay. No pain no gain right? I'm not usually prone to complaining but I am currently in an environment where things happened that pisses me to no end. For example, teachers who are always absent, requirements being required at the last minute, expensive but unnecessary projects, weirdly placed expectations.

So maybe I will just have to doodle for a while. Makes me calmer these days. Never thought drawing will become my number one stress reliever T__T

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