January 29, 2014

Main DIY of the Year!

Remember the time when I was complaining about the weather? I also recall myself promising of posting pictures of a DIY project during the rainy days since I have nothing else to do. My efforts are worth it as I was kinda successful at my first try and here it is:

Bookbinding, the mini edition

I got the idea from this instructable by KaptinScarlet. He was really great at making tutorials and has done a few cool DIY pieces in the past. When I came upon his bookbinding instructions, I was awed at how simple he made it seem to be and compared to other tutorials, I find his to be easy and understandable. It's not always that I could create a DIY project perfectly at my first try so I was extremely proud with the one above.

Though I confess that I kinda cheated too, using a small scale that it's more of a key chain than an actual notebook. But this year I am planning to design and bind a 2015 planner and I want it to be in a normal size this time. But I have to look at other tutorials this time since I have no idea how to do these:
You see those spines?
Yes! You actually have to sew those bitches together and I have no idea where to begin. Glue was OK for the mini books I made but I'm not so sure when they're bigger. Google the process and you get tons of different ways.

So I guess I have to focus on designing the planner itself before anything else huh? Good luck on me! =)

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