January 03, 2014

New Year's Resolution-Joining the Bandwagon

Okay my title sounds cynical. You see, I don't believe in resolutions, most especially the ones made during New Year. On normal days I would be scoffing at that idea. So you're just going to promise and make a whole new you this year? Bullshit. I thought I'll still be that stubborn as 2014 came in, but I was so damn wrong. 2013 had been quite busy for all of us, I had great times but also had bad ones. Then one day, weeks before Christmas, I woke up and realized that I have lots of catching up to do, and that involves improving who I am. Well shit, since it's the holidays, there is no turning back now, here are my resolutions:

1. Stop spending so much money. Not that I have much in the first place, just that I would want to be more frugal than I was in 2013. I'm quite tempted when surrounded by food, spending so much for the sake of eating. Last year my main excuse was for me to gain weight. That sounds good right? At least I'm trying to be healthy, dreaming of acquiring fats beneath my skin. Alas! My plan failed! Despite my efforts, I'm no heavier than I was last January. My body's adamant. I'll just have to save my extra allowance instead and maybe get a steady job before the year ends (and try to be rich or something lol). As for me being healthy...

2. Start working out. First of all, I don't plan to go to the gym or anything fancy, I still have no knowledge whatsoever about exercise. However I'm determined and I decided to create a good beginner exercise program for the first part of 2014. The problem now is finding the time and the determination to actually do them.

3. Be more responsible. During the later part of 2013, I can't help but noticed a few annoying habits coming back. Like putting off responsibilities, being lazy, getting unorganized, etc. I'm currently fighting the lazy one off myself. It's harder than it sounds and it won't be easy. But this is a major goal for this year and I hope to overcome these weaknesses.

4. Read more books. Now this is one goal I'm presently nurturing. I started doing lists of titles to read two months ago. The plan is I will choose the best ten books via reviews and level of importance. Finally, whatever happens, I should finish reading all ten titles before moving on with a newer list. I decided to take this systematic approach so that focusing on the novels and appreciating them will be easier, plus I'll be organized too instead of juggling a number of books all at the same time. 

5. Be a better blogger. I'm sick of myself always giving lame-ass excuses for not updating my blog for weeks at a time. So far this blog became successful last 2013, and I hope to create better posts in the next twelve months. Nothing makes a blogger happier than seeing his/her blog standing against the test of time, and I plan to do just that.

6. Learn to enjoy poetry. Here's a secret guys, despite being a self-proclaimed bookworm, I am not a huge fan of poetry. In fact, due to my inexperience and confusion, my feeling towards this type of literature is bordering on hatred. The only kinds of poems I liked were written in this vein:
You're an angel from above 
who takes away my pain 
My love for you is so strong 
It's always just the same 
Fortunately my Literature instructor this semester saved me from my kind of ignorant faggotry. It was only for one class session but he was able to give an inspirational discussion on the beauty of poetry and how we should decipher and appreciate its meaning. It's still confusing but this time, I'm determined to learn more.

7. Learn new skills. It's amazing how vast the world is and the opportunities we get from it. There are still tons of things I want to learn: riding a bike, the American Sign Language, basic French. The possibilities are endless and I want to make 2014 a year of learning. Humans are naturally polymaths anyway if we only give ourselves a chance to explore the world beyond our comfort zone.

and finally

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