January 19, 2014

Oh Sunlight, Where Art Thou?

The reason why I've been quiet the past few week despite my New Year's resolution to become a better blogger was due to three reasons:
  1. My laptop's hard drive had a bad sector and needs to be updated/replaced
  2. We just had our midterm exams last week.
  3. The fucking weather.
not again
The last one is written with passionate hatred and curses. The gloomy skies began two weeks ago. Scattered rain showers and the temperature was pulled down. We welcomed it of course. It's not an everyday thing to be cold in a tropical country after all. HOWEVER, the rain seems to have seen that as a suggestion and went on doing just that. If I'm correct, this is the 12th day of nonstop rain. I myself never thought it would be possible, and it is my first time to experience this kind of weather.

Though,, there was one instance when the Sun kinda peeked out the clouds. I was so happy that day, like at last, she's out! My mother though the same thing too and started putting out the laundry to dry... But this world is never fair and it rained after an hour. When we asked some of the old folks. They had the same thing many years ago, only it went on for a whole month. God forbid!

A swimming pool in the city!
Anyway with the absence of the internet and the rainy season forced me to be productive.
  1. Bookbinding. Used discarded paper to create mini hard bounds.
  2. Continued my crochet. I'm supposed to be making a scarf but it's still too short. How the fuck did those craft lady bloggers do it? Spilling out scarves and gloves and hats in a manner of days. I'm determined to finish this project but it's a slow process.
  3. Designing my own 2015 planner. It's too late for a 2014 so I decided to do next year so I'll have lots of time to prepare and improve the pages.
As for now, I don't have the pictures yet. I hope to be productive in this vein. It already feels gloomy without anything else to do at home.

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