February 22, 2014

DIY: Paper Dolls

I decided last week to make some diy paper dolls again. My last attempt was two years ago and being the girl with short span of attention that I am, I was led astray and forgot all about that project. I can't even find those cutouts! Now, I'm starting another batch which is shown above. 

I chose clothes from a costume book in the library, using the designs spanning from the 16th up to the late 19th century. I still have more copied designs left but I just set them aside for being too frilly. I'm also trying to get inspired from Poupee girl, that Japanese dress-up browser game. I went on scribbling all the cutest wardrobes from that site since rumor has it that the game's going be shut down anytime this year, it's saddens me since I love all their pieces and the clothes were simply nice.

Now the next step is scanning these bitches and editing them digitally. I am not confident with my experience with using textures but I pray the paper doll (Let's call her Leandra, she's bald for now but I already have a hairdo in mind) and her clothes will come out OK =)


  1. You are so creative! I remember loving paper dolls too when I was younger. :)




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