May 02, 2014

Finally Got Meself a Twitter. FOLLOW AND BEND YOUR KNEE

Posted right at my sidebar! I've had a Twitter account long ago but I kinda forgot my password. I've been absent from that site since 2012 and now here I am again! I was surprised at the number of changes Twitter had over the years, mine already had the newest layout which is very much like Facebook's Timeline feature. The fonts are hilarious too, it's like Twitter imagined that all users have some kind of eye problem and enlarged the fonts.

So anyway I mentioned earlier that I had an old Twitter page. I did a bit of scanning through my old old tweets when I came upon this:

Well I'm happy to report via my shining shimmering new Twitter that I was successful in that undertaking:
I'm planning to get right back at my Arashi fangirl mode with this account, also bring in a dose of Game of Thrones addiction and interest with the occult. Also feel free to request some Romantic Escapades ideas using this, I'm out of ideas myself (I'm not really interested with other actors' or actresses' love lives apart from Arashi, but the Tomohisa thing was successful so I'm open for other suggestions)

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