I spend my days combining my meager social life, studies, Game of Thrones, chocolates and reading. The rest of the week, you could find me either blogging or doing some random errands. Unfortunately, I was also a victim to allergic rhinitis which tends to leave me sneezing for a whole day when the idiotic faggot decides to bother me.

When you might happen to see me walking down the street one day, you'll discover that I'm fairly a boring person. I'm not usually talkative to strangers in real life, in fact I have this habit where I shut up and just observe. When the person in front of me proves be either trustworthy or simply genuine, that is when I'll start to open up. I'm careful that way. So yeah, it basically takes time to get to know who I am.

Anyway, this personal blog tends be quite random, with posts about Japanese idol groups to the latest movies and even the occult.

To all of you who takes the time to comment and show such interest in this blog,
 Thank you!


  1. Hi.

    Ive been reading your post lately and notice your entry about your stolen wallet.

    Been eager to ask if your a filipina who happen to loves Japanese artist and a like...

    Anyhow, keep on posting!

    Take care

    1. Hello Anon! thank you so much for reading my blog, I appreciate it truly.
      Yeah my wallet's stolen and nowhere to be found with no suspects whatsoever, I guess I need to replace her now.
      And yep, I'm from Philippines, I have tons of fave artists from Japan, my life long dream is to be able to watch all of them in one concert somehow =P

      Again thank you for visiting!

  2. Hi Wella,

    Your from CDO pala, im from MLA?
    Anyhow, I'm also a japanese artists fan. Been hooked with it when I started watching jdorama 6 years ago.
    I wanted to talk more about our similar interest, but don't know how i could get in touch with you privately.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi! Yes, I'm a Kagay-anon from the city of Golden Friendship (I still have no idea why our city is called that way haha)

      I'm actually planning to make a facebook page soon so I could put there some short posts and other images I like to avoid spamming my own blog.

      Thank you very very much and I hope to get to know you more too! Feel free to email me at soularashi@gmail.com

  3. Hi! I'm a fan of your blog. It's easy to read and very random like you said, but I have no problem with it. It's actually the way human brains work anyway XD
    Thanks for the Scary posts you made and the ones about Arashi too, very informative!
    keep it up and God bless! =D

  4. Hajimemashite!!!
    I just wanted to say that I think your blog has been heaps useful for me to discover facts about one of my favourite JPop groups - Arashi.
    Ganbare!! ><

  5. You are awesome!!!! And I don't always say good things to people I don't know. But judging by the beautiful randomness in your life, It's almost like one fine early evening when the still bright sun rays are falling slant through the window bars in your home and your Mom has just finished sweeping the floors and there are dust motes flying randomly in the room and you can see them in the sunlight going about doing their Brownian motion.

    I'm staying!

  6. Hi! I found your blog when I was randomly curious about the parents of Arashi. Thank you for educating me! I have been a fan of Arashi since 2000 after living in Tokyo for a few months. But I don't speak Japanese. :( How are you able to know details of Arashi? Can you speak/read Japanese? I am impressed.



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