October 28, 2014

BLOG REPOST- A Documentation of Johnny Kitagawa's Alleged Past

I realized that there are a lot of blogs that were deleted or have became defunct in the past few years. The horrible thing is when these blogs are actually made of quality posts and juicy discussions that can no longer be read because the awesome page transformed into the dreaded 404.

One of those blogs is uso-ippai of tumblr who had been translating Japanese entertainment industry gossips for the sake of the English-speaking online audience. It only lasted for months though and the tumblr blog is now abandoned. Hell even Majide had stopped updating huhubells. Good thing we still have Minus Kakugo and the other blogs...

So now I'll just share to you a blogpost by uso-ippai (that was originally split into two parts) that looks back on Johnny Kitagawa's past scandals, just for discussion/knowledge purposes, especially for those who doesn't have tumblrs.

Text Translation Original Sources: Part 1 and Part 2, I also added some photos for reference


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