April 29, 2013

Plastic Surgery in Korean Pageant

Recently there had been lots of debate regarding about this news:
" A Japanese blog raised a controversy after it suggested that Korea's plastic surgery craze may be transforming the country's beauty pageants into a parade of clones.
The blog, Live Door, posted photos thought to show Miss Korea 2013 contestants all spotting strikingly similar looks. The photos were then uploaded to Reddit by user ShenTheWise with the caption, "Korea's plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face. Here are the miss korea 2013 contestants."
The photos sparked a debate on Reddit although it was uncertain whether the almost identical features of the contestants were the result of surgery, makeup or Photoshopping."
To read more of the story, go HERE
The reddit discussion is HERE
Whoa, seriously they all look like a whole set of twins, can't blame the netizens for their reactions. I mean just look at the eyes, and the noses. The best part? Look at the eyebrows. However there is no need to be afraid, according to tumblr blog kpsurgery, contestants of Miss Daegu actually looks normal in personal, without all that Photoshop and make-up:
But the popularity of plastic surgery in Korea is still being talked about online. Koreans do have small set of eyes, I don't see anything bad from making it look bigger, its just eyelids. The same thing with chins, Korean plastic surgeons are like wizards in this sort of thing, and could help in a person's self confidence. The problem comes in when a patient actually looks ....OK. You know, he/she could do with out going under the knife again and again, because they already look good. You can't just help but think why they are doing it.

A Post About 5 Monsters That Needs to be Mainstream

Monsters are truly amazing. They are just everywhere, from old legends to Hollywood movies. There are the classic ones, the superstars of the monster world: Dracula, zombies, dragons, etc.

However there are tons of other lesser-known beasts that are worthy to be given a spotlight. Try to dig into any foreign legends and you will discover endless stories of creatures both weird and fascinating. I'm not just talking about Greek tales, or even Norse (though both are good places to start). Here are five monsters from different countries that stuck to my mind:

April 23, 2013

Music for the Day: Devil's Trill Sonata by Giuseppe Tartini

"One night, in the year 1713, I dreamed I had made a pact with the devil for my soul. Everything went as I wished: my new servant anticipated my every desire. Among other things, I gave him my violin to see if he could play. How great was my astonishment on hearing a sonata so wonderful and so beautiful, played with such great art and intelligence, as I had never even conceived in my boldest flights of fantasy. I felt enraptured, transported, enchanted: my breath failed me, and - I awoke. I immediately grasped my violin in order to retain, in part at least, the impression of my dream. In vain! The music which I at this time composed is indeed the best that I ever wrote, and I still call it the "Devil's Trill", but the difference between it and that which so moved me is so great that I would have destroyed my instrument and have said farewell to music forever if it had been possible for me to live without the enjoyment it affords me."

by Tartini, Voyage d'un Fran├žois en Italie (1765 - 66)

April 22, 2013

Arashi Fans Please be Aware

[News] Popular Boyband Arashi posts concert videos on Facebook, violates copyright laws
In an unprecedented move by Japanese national idols Arashi, videos of their latest Tokyo Dome concert were posted online onto a Facebook group website "iL0v3AraShI". Industry experts, fans and JE staff were flabbergasted; why would Arashi blatantly violate anti-piracy laws, especially when the music industry was already reporting losses in Japan?
To be able to understand more of this, read the rest HERE
To sum it up, it talks about the worsening problem of Arashi fans and a certain FB group irresponsibly sharing copyrighted materials, along with using files not crediting the original uploader in anyway whatsoever, plus sharing Popcorn DVD leak even before its release. 

Oh and also pretending they are Arashi guys themselves. 
also pretending they are Arashi 
pretending they are Arashi
Misleading new fans and saying thank yous and using "we, I, us" and shit
Ha, that's waaay below the belt.

Not all of the fans could get their hands on some Arashi concerts/singles, thus those who are kind enough to share what they have deserve all the respect we could give. Being a ninja in the LJ communities and posting them somewhere in a public page, taking all the credit, is idiotic AND endangers the whole online Arashi community.

April 17, 2013

What I Just Learned #2

 I'm quite grateful that I've stumbled upon this blog:
I'm feel so stupid not finding this earlier. It's a treasure of amazing posts. Feel free to visit and follow it here, though the last update was last year, who knows the blogger might come back any day.
Here are just a few I truly enjoyed:

626 Anon [sage] 2011/06/17(?) 02:00:33.82 ID:ecHbTYhN
Lately I reckon that those popular chicks should be grateful of me for being unpopular.
I am the one who supports the population of good-looking chicks in the world by being ugly.
What if I turn to be hot?
The balance of the popular/unpopular collapses.
Being ugly is my duty.
This is for the world peace.

54 Anon:2011/06/02(?) 17:39:50.78 ID:7ZvFDqHp
I also have got a similar experience.
One evening, coming back from work, there was a frog in front of my house.
I was amazed cos there is no field around my house and it’s in the middle of the city here.
So I brought a piece of bread for the frog from my house but it didn’t make a move at all.
I thought frogs may be predatory so I brought a sausage but it didn’t move at all as well.
I was bored so I went back home.
In the next morning, my wife was furious because of the following reason.
“There is a big crap with a piece of bread and a sausage. Someone might be making fun of us but I don’t quite understand it!”
Of course I haven’t told her the truth.
I’m planning to keep this secret till I pass away.

711 Anon:2006/03/09(?) 13:43:35 ID:pNYPZdN6
While I was watching porn, mum came into my room.
I got panicked and said
“What are they making!? A child!! Correct!!” in a joking way to cover up.
Then she said to me
“Sorry for making a child like you”

Found in Facebook: "Horrible Fact about KFC !!"

So I was browsing through the news feed when I came upon this post:
KFC has been a part of American traditions for many years. Many people, day in and day out, eat at KFC religiously. Do they really know what they are eating? During a recent study of KFC done at the University of New Hampshire, they found some very upsetting facts. First of all, has anybody noticed that just recently, the company has changed their name?
Kentucky Fried Chicken has become KFC. Does anybody know why? We thought the real reason was because of the "FRIED" food issue.

April 12, 2013

What I Just Learned #1

This is the first of a series of short blogposts about a cool thing I learned about in a day. This time I'd like to talk about the word "Blackmail". Apparently, the word 'mail' derives from a Scotish word for 'rent'. Many years ago people uses the following terms:
  • White Mail = Payment in the form of silver
  • Black Mail = Payment in the form of grain or meat.
And that is why, my friends, that farmers during those times paid "blackmail" to marauding gangs to protect their crops.

A Dollhouse Everybody Lusts for

My first dollhouse was plastic and pink and I thought it was from Santa. Years came and go and I realized The Truth, but the magic of that dollhouse stayed with me. The last news I had of it was it's with a younger cousin somewhere. Now I'm in my teenage years, I am hoping to own another, but a more sophisticated dollhouse someday. Miniatures have always fascinated me and nothing could keep my eyes off The Queen's Dollhouse.

So what is it really?

April 10, 2013

Beslan School Massacre

It's been a while since I posted anything here but I just want to post about "Russia's 9/11". I've read about it from a history book a while ago in the library. I was horrified at the descriptions of the said event that I decided to make a little research online.