August 23, 2013

Games you Don't Want to Play 3

DISCLAIMER: All content provided on this blog post are for informational purposes only. 
I will not be liable for any errors or omissions, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. It is highly recommended NOT TO "PLAY" THEM, because you just don't "play" with the unknown. If you do choose to ignore this advice, do so at your own risk.

Once more we delve into the world of paranormal, here are four new additions to my Games You Don't Want to Play Series. So buckle up and let me take you for another creepy ride! O that sounds weird, but yeah feel free to read them and you better read those red words above.

Introduction:This is a game from Korea. By performing this ritual you are supposed to get to "a different world." According to people that have successfully completed the game, it looks the same as the town/ building that you are from, but all the lights are off and you can only see a red cross in the distance. There are no other living things there except yourself. Some say electronics like phones, cameras, etc. don't work, while some say they do. Also, some say that getting back to the real world is harder for some reason.
You get disorientated and forget the elevator you came on, or somehow the elevator seems to get further and further away as you walk towards it.

How to do it:
You must be in a 10+ story building and in the elevator alone. If someone is in the elevator with you, it won't work.
1. Get on the elevator on the 1st floor.
2. Press 4 and when you reach the 4th floor, don't get out and press 2.
3. When you reach 2nd floor, press 6.
4. When you reach 6th floor, press 2.
5. When you reach 2nd floor, press 10.
6. When you reach 10th floor, press 5.
7. When you reach the 5th floor, a girl will come in. That woman is not human. Don't talk or look at the girl. If you do, she'll take you away.
8. Press 1, and if the elevator instead starts going up to the 10th floor, then you have succeeded. You will have reached another world where there is no one except you.
9. If you get off at the 10th floor, the girl will ask, "Where are you going?" But don't answer.

How to return:
1. If the woman doesn't get on AND if you don't get off at the 10th floor.
2. If you don't get off at the 10th floor, then press 1. If it doesn't press, keep on pressing until it works.

To return after you get off:
1. You must use the same elevator to go back.
2. Do the 4-2-6-2-10-5 combo again.
3. After you reach the 5th floor, press 1.
4. As you're going up the 10th floor, press some other number to cancel.
5. After you reach the 1st floor, check your surroundings.

When you return to your house after you faint:
If you were to faint in the process and wake up to find yourself in your own house, there's a high chance that you'll be taken back to the world again.
Credits to Anab7205

Introduction: This game originated in Japan and involves summoning a ghost that will follow you all day trying to catch you. The object of the game is to avoid being caught.

1. Before you go to bed for the night, get naked and go into the bathroom.
2. Fill the tub with water and turn off the lights. (All of them)
3. Sit in the middle of the tub facing the faucet or taps.
4. Close your eyes and wash your hair while repeating the words “Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down.” over and over.
5. As you wash your hair you should see in your mind’s eye the image of a Japanese woman standing in a bathtub. She slips and falls on a rusty tap which impales her through the eye and kills her.

6. Continue repeating “Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down.” until you have finished washing your hair. It is very important that you keep your eyes closed. You may hear or feel movement in the water behind you but it is very important that you keep your eyes closed. Don’t peek! You've just summoned a ghost of your very own. The ghostly figure of a woman will rise out of the water behind you. You will feel her presence as she stares at you, her head just behind your right shoulder. Her hair is black and tangled. Her clothes are tattered and rotting. She has only one eye. Her left eye is wide open and bloodshot. Her right eye is missing, leaving just a bloody, hollow eye socket.

7. When you feel the presence of the ghost, ask aloud “Why did you fall in the bath?”

8. Still keeping your eyes tightly shut, stand up and get out of the bath. Be careful while doing this as your eyes are closed and wet tile/whatnot is not the easiest thing to maneuver on, oh and the ghost may try to trip and kill you. Immediately leave the bathroom and shut the door.
It is now safe to open your eyes. Leave the bath water overnight and enjoy a night’s sleep because tomorrow as soon as you wake up, the game begins.

9. The ghost is now following you, trying to look at her directly won’t work. Instead, glance over your right shoulder to catch a glimpse of her. She’ll get closer and closer as the day goes on. Don’t let her catch you!  If she’s getting too close, shout “Tomare!” (Stop!) and run away as quickly as possible. This will put some distance between you and she.

10. In order to end the game, you must catch a glimpse of her and shout “Kitta!” (loosely translates as “I cut you loose!”) then hold your hand out in front of you and swing it downward in a cutting motion like a karate chop. End the game before midnight or the one-eyed woman will follow you into your dreams to follow and more than likely kill you (here’s lookin’ at you, Freddy).

To sum up some of the basic ground rules:
-Do NOT open your eyes when the ghost first appears.
-Don’t let her trip you while you get out of the bath!
-Don’t re-enter the bathroom after you leave (or let your friends/family/roommates open it up).
-Do not drain the bathtub until morning.
-Do not, do not, DO NOT let her catch up to you!

CAUTIONAgain, don’t play this game. Screwing around with ghosts and spirits isn’t for funzies, it can have some serious consequences. Summoning ghosts can result in you getting possessed or worse. Also, be really careful when getting out of the bath it’s crazy easy to seriously injury and/or kill yourself even without a murderous ghost trying to trip you. If you don’t end the game properly, the ghost will more than likely continue to follow you for the rest of your life..


Introduction: This play is similar to "Hide-and-Seek Alone," but much more dangerous. If "Hide-and-Seek Alone" is a play to meet ghosts, then "Living Doll" is a play asking the ghost to kill you. People say that the biggest difference between the two plays is that in the "Living Doll" game, the doll's face actually changes.
If the doll finds you, it smiles.

Things you need:
2 mirrors
Human doll (can't be a cotton doll. Japanese human dolls work the best)
Piece of your hair
Salt (about 5 spoons) wrapped in paper

Things to keep in mind:
1. You must do it alone. There can't be anyone else around.
2. If the doll finds you, don't make any noise.
3. Don't spray all the salt on yourself. You need it for later.
4. Don't run away, or the doll will chase after you.
5. You must end the game before sunrise, or the spirit will stay behind.
6. After the game, give the doll to a shrine.

How To Do It:
1. Arrange the two mirrors so that they face each other.
2. Between the mirrors put the doll and the candlestick.
3. Wait until it is 12 o'clock midnight.
4. Just as the clock strikes 12 light up the candle.
5. While pointing at the doll, say"atarashii karada wo oite okimasu, douzo otsukai kudasai."
or "I will leave here a new body for you. Please take it" for five times.

6. Then after that, shout "Let's play together" five times.

7. If you start hearing some rapping noises or start experiencing some other strange occurrences at this point, it is an indication that the preparation has been done properly. But don't worry if nothing happens.

8. While keeping the salt close to yourself , say to the doll, "Please come and find me. If you find me I will give you my life" for five times. After that go to a large room or your own room, turn off all sources of light in the room, and sit with your back to the door. Make sure you sprinkle some salt on yourself too.

9. Now all you have to do is wait for the doll to come to you.
Note: If you ever feel you are in danger, go and hide in some place like a closet.

How To End It
1. Still keeping the salt close to you, go to the room with the candle.
2. When you arrive in front of the candle, say, "You lose. It's over now" for five times.
3. After you've finished saying it, blow out the candle and sprinkle some salt over your body.
4. Find the doll and sprinkle some salt over it too.
5. Turn all the lights on and create a happy, cheerful atmosphere (this is important).
6. Keep this atmosphere for at least an hour.
7. Make sure you take the doll to a shrine where they can perform a ceremony on the doll to appease the spirit, within three days of the ritual.

Important Things to Remember
You must do it alone. It doesn't work if you have other people around.
You must NOT utter a word while the doll is going around and looking for you.
Do NOT use up all of the salt on yourself at the beginning. You'll still need some of it at the end.
Do NOT go outside during the ritual.
You must NOT run away without finishing it properly. If you run away it will come after you.
Make sure to end it before the day breaks. If you don't it will stay on in your place.
You must take the doll to the shrine where they can perform a ceremony for it at the end.
If you find yourself having to combat with the frog, snake or fox, be very careful.
DO NOT keep the doll
DO NOT set the doll on fire
DO NOT fall asleep while playing this game
DO NOT leave your hiding spot
DO NOT attempt to leave the house while playing the game
DO NOT turn on the lights while playing the game
Credits to hakei
Dark Music

Things you need:
A instrument (like a Guitar or Flute)
A pointy pin
Holy Water or Salt Water
Music Notes
A Hawk Feather
A Band-aid or two (if you're a pussy)
Something to hide in (like a black/dark blue blanket)
Something to record that can plug in headphones
A Camera
A screen so you can use the camera

How To Do It:
1. Take the instrument and place it in front of a door
2. Take the pointy pin a poke your self then wipe the blood on the instrument (the blood will attract the ghost) OPTIONAL: Put the band-aid on your finger.
3. Place the Camera in front of the instrument, then take the Ink, the Feather, and the Paper.
4. Start Writing on the paper.
5. Write: "Oh Mighty Ghost, Please play for us!"
6. Wait until 12:00am at the place you are hiding in until you hear faint music, then start the recorder and plug in your headphones.
7. Listen/Watch...

Ending It
When you want the ghost to go away put the Holy Water or Salt Water in your mouth (DO NOT DRINK) and spit it out on your floor where the ghost is standing (make sure you do it fast or the ghost will kill you)

Do not post the video on any website or the Ghost will haunt you:
Some people have reported that they have dreams about them walking in a hallway and seeing a person playing a flute or guitar, When they walk closer they see a ghost playing that instrument and then the ghost gets closer and kills them in the dream. Then when they wake up they see a floating knife and then it disappeared.


  1. I would never play these (Lists 1, 2, AND 3) but they are definitely interesting to read, I wish I had the nerve to play them.

  2. Welcome to Nopeville.

  3. just curious
    if you faint when doing the elevator game and woke up in your room
    then later brought back into the world
    is there a way to return?

    1. I guess you have to find the elevator again.

  4. I admit I do not have the balls to play any of these games. Why on earth would you do this? A triple dog dare, maybe? Damn! lol

  5. I can't say I believe in these things, but reading this is interesting and I'm about to try the elevator game.
    Could you please make Games you Don't Want to Play 4?

    1. Just interested, but how did the elevator game work out? My building's elevator has 15 floors, so I might look into it. Thanks.

    2. Or try the hooded man game. I heard that the taxi driver will take you to another world but you must sleep in the cab and don't communicate with anyone in the cab including body language.

  6. Well I tried the daruma-san game last night and idrk if it worked. During the bath it got really cold and had this entire body chill that made me physically shiver but I didn't hear a noise or anything. But as I write this my dog is acting really strange and nuzzling and pawing at me...sometimes trying to nip and he never does this. I did think I saw something strange over my shoulder a few times but idk. I'm supposed to end it by midnight and its 8:11 but I'm supposed to see her so what should I do? I'm thinking I should just forget it and play again...

    1. Shes comming for you i hope u ended it by midnight i cant get her out of my mind i ended at 12:23

    2. the game is real? oh my

    3. You should've fucked her.

    4. I knew i wasn't the only one who thought about it.

    5. Are you alive??

  7. I want to play hitori kakurenbo, Kokkuri-san, the future game, the midnight game, the elevator game, and Daruma-san.

    1. The future game sounds interesting. How do you play it?

  8. I'm planning on playing the fortune game on Halloween night, That way I'll look less suspicious standing around in the dark with a mask on and also there will be greater chance of wandering spirits that night.

  9. To all of you thinking about these: Are you stupid? You do not mess with the things you don't understand. The unknown is unpredictable! If you are crazy enough to try this, I pity you for letting your curiosity almost kill you.

    1. Most of these games come from fictional creepy pasta's. Did you know the word gullible isn't in the dictionary?

    2. thats the exact reason why ppl play these games, curiosity killed the cat remember? they dont know what is gonna happen if they play these games.. so 1.they play it too see what will happen or 2.they play it to see if its true or not.

  10. Are you kidding me? *sigh* People, this is interesting to read but there's no way this stuff is real.
    In fact that elevator game sounds like a fricken vacation... Does time work the same in that place? How long do you think I could hide there before my boss noticed I wasn't at work?

    1. Vacation at the red cross? XD (Get it, a red cross in the sky?)

    2. Ever heard of Elisa Lam?

    3. (To the person above me)
      I came here from ScareTheater's video on Elisa Lam. x)

  11. Played phone game. Really fucking wish I had Decided to call one of my blackfoot ancestors. When I got the call the moment I heard a voice I freaked out and snapped the string. But my Great grandpa (living) called me up later that week and told me to stop by his home on the reserve. He told me that his pawaw instructed him to send me to the steam rooms for a ritual cleansing.I hasn't even realized how ...strange I had felt until the feeling was gone from the ritual. Like something sticky and filthy weighing me down.

    1. I always have something sticky and filthy weighing me down.

  12. How bout we get on the nope train and had to fuckthatville

  13. is it normal to have a dream about family dying , bc i had a dream that my Pop/Grandfather fell off a balcony and i woke up crying....... REPLY

    1. I have those dreams all the time.. I think its normal but im not sure

    2. It was a vision

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Is he still alive?

  14. I have a friend tried the doll one nd she sed it freak her out she almost messed up she sed think it worked bc she heard things and her parents and lil bro was gone she went to the candle ended the game nd the doll was somwhere else then b4

  15. People are dieing

  16. Believe it or not my cousin played the midnight hes in mental assylum...
    Advice dont play that midnight game

    1. Really? sorry to hear that....

    2. Really? That's not gonna stop me.

  17. Elevator game didn't work

  18. I tried the Bathgame I almost died and I was f**king scared

  19. You people are fucking stupid. Come at me ghost or whatever the fuck.

    1. ^^Says the closed minded fool.

    2. You seem youd die on the midnight game, haha i triple dog dare you to do it.

  20. I played one of these games.. Do not ever.. EVER do it. Unless you absolutely love being scared to fricken death then by all means..

  21. That elevator game, well it works. I've tried it several times in a bank and brought back some cash.. now i'm rich as hell! Oh btw, i f*cked that 5th floor bi*ch once but never saw her again.. say hi from me if you meet her.

  22. So with the bath game, you say not to open your eyes an look at her or shell kill you, then how do you know what she looks like? Im just curious. Personally I am way too scared to play these games!

  23. Wow, psychological challenge.

  24. Yeah, will, I don't believe that "ghosts" can actually KILL you. But in other terms, you're screwed if they get to you. So screwed.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. When I was in high school, I got really into the kind of “games” that you can find online where you are supposed to be able to summon a ghost, or travel to another world, stuff like that. There was a whole sub-culture in my town, and elsewhere, that did these, and you realize pretty soon that most of it is bullshit, just giving yourself goosebumps. Bullshit seemed to actually satisfy most people, and I began to wonder if the older, more experienced members of the group were actually steering the young folks down the wrong paths on purpose. So I started spending time with one guy, Jack E, a preacher or ex-preacher or something who seemed to know more than the others. Eventually he trusted me enough to tell me how to do something real, but he was shit-serious about me following every rule to the letter.

    It was called twilight abysmal, and I'm not going to explain exactly how it worked for obvious reasons, but you use candles and wax to create two invitations to twilight abysmal, which is either a real pocket dimension or else a powerful, mind-controlling hallucination. You create one invitation for yourself, and another for the visitor. You could technically invite any spirit you wanted to meet, if you were ballsy enough to try, but it works best if you know certain things about the visitor you want to invite, including his tragedy if it is a deceased human, or his lore book if it is a construct, etc.

    The year after I graduated from high school I did twilight abysmal several times, inviting the visitor Jack said he had been able to contact. And I did make it into twilight abysmal, going in more deeply each time, with increasingly close contact, and I was ecstatic, knowing that I had been able to do something many people have tried all their lives to do without success -- travel between worlds and contact a real otherworld being.

    After that, I spent a summer living with my brother in Vermont and I told him about the game. He tried it, but he couldn't make contact or anything, though he must have felt something because never accused me of making any of it up, and he was usually mean about stuff like that. I tried it once in Vermont, and I couldn't make contact at all either. It was about six months later, a couple of days before Christmas, we were both back in Virginia, I was at home, and he in his dorm room (which was at UVA, Monroe Hill.)

  27. I decided to do twilight abysmal, and I made contact again, only it was MUCH stronger and MUCH scarier than before. There is a particular way you are supposed to end the contact if it gets too much, but for the longest time it didn't work. And I had never really gotten an idea that the visitor was evil before, but that night there was absolutely no doubt he wanted me to screw up and get stuck there. This part I'm still not sure about, because I really hope I just imagined it later, but the thing is, he touched me. It was cold and painful and it is actually what upset me so much that I couldn't do the severance right. After hours went by like that, I knew I would die, and I was praying to somehow live, and I was just praying even more that if I died I would make it back to wherever people are supposed to go when they die, but I felt more and more that I would be stuck in twilight abysmal, and the hateful thing, or man, would be free to torment me. There was someone else in there with me and the visitor as well that night - though I could barely hear or see him, it was obvious. And I think I knew who it was, but I wanted that not to be true, because the other being I could sense hated me too.
    Anyway, to make a long story short, it came to me after hours of doing the severance ritual literally hundreds of times, that I had been doing the severance wrong - there was one small detail I'd been leaving out, but you're not supposed to forget the details when you do shit like this, obviously. I think that it made me forget when it touched me and I think that is WHY it touched me. When I did the severance right, I was out. Everything was just as it should have been, except that I was so scared I couldn't sleep - couldn't even consider closing my eyes for about five days, so I just kept drinking coffee and taking Ritalin. My daily dose is high, and I took almost a full month' s supply in those five days.
    The entire time, I knew something was very wrong. If I had called my brother then, I could at least have spared our parents some pain, but I was too afraid. I felt in my bones that he was dead. Finally, the police called for my mother -- his suite mates said he hadn't come out of his room for five days so the police had gone and busted the door in. They found his body on the bed, face down, with his head in his hands. He had many, many canisters of compressed air around his body, and on the floor, so it was ruled a suicide, but it was not, I know, because he had candles, and he had his invitation, unsealed. I must have mentioned to him that it seemed to work better near a certain place near Charlottesville, although I don't remember saying it.
    I was in a psychiatric hospital for a while - Western State, and in therapy for a few years. My psychiatrist tried to convince me that twilight abysmal was not real, that it didn't happen, but that I had started believing it because of guilt and grief over my brother's suicide. So eventually I brought him the police report on my brother's death and asked him why my brother had a wax sealed invitation that said "Twilight Abysmal" on it if none of it had been real. The worst thing, was, of course, I wanted to be convinced, but in the end I convinced him. I believe I must have given him a detail that for some reason he couldn't deny - maybe he had had some kind of experience before? Maybe even something from a dream, I don’t know. But I saw it in his eyes, the moment he knew I wasn't lying. Bastard didn't even finish the session, just got up and left - never came back to work there again, as far as I know.
    My point is, maybe, in the rare cases when paranormal beings are really out there, they are there for some reason, good or bad or whatever, that doesn't involve you. So maybe fucking around with them is not such a good idea. Just saying.

    1. Well, well, well, finally found you, ive been looking for you a long time, twilight abysmal just isnt the same without you, so come on back, or, we can come get you. See you soon--

      - the visitor

    2. I made it to the twilight abysmal, Edward and Bella were there. I asked to be made a vampire but they wouldn't allow it.

    3. I have never heard of this ritual, nor ever seen anything about it. What does it entail?

  28. I was going to play the elevator game tonight at my office but the elevators only take you to the specific floor you work on =(

    Any ideas on where else I can test this? I will write a detailed description of the experience afterwards..

  29. These r not games!!! I wouldn't call them games!!! u have to take these things seriously!!! More people die from these things bc they don't respect what they r communicating with!!!!! They think it's all fun and it's not!!!

    1. Where's your proof? Where are the deaths?

  30. I am not saying don't do them I'm just saying u need to b prepared for what u r getting into.

  31. Yeah. I could not do these. I read a few users' experiences playing the Hooded Man and Elevator rituals, but I don't know how factual they are. Besides that reading them before bedtime was not good fucking idea. I went to bed, fell asleep anxious, and woke up at 2:56 am panicking and sweating (some loud noise from a truck...I HOPE it was a truck dammit) awoke me and I lay there in terror and edged closer to my boyfriend...I fell back asleep eventually after positively affirming with myself that I was safe...ugh props to those who have actually done these insane rituals!! GAHHH

  32. Just so you guys know, if you play the elevator game correctly, at the end when you press "1", you'll be transported to the first floor and you'll still be a faggot

  33. I live in a haunted house, well actually the whole area that the neiborhood sits on is haunted, we had a double ax murder and suicide here before i lived here, its sits on or near the remains of what was a huge county cemetary,and 3 civil war battles happened in this county and im sure as least part of one happened on this ground. the first time i lived here for 16 yrs then moved back into a different house down the street, i told the county paranormal group about my neighborhood and he said i was not by far the first to mention it, its well known in the county as being haunted, to long too mention all, but ghost of kids play with toys and get in your bed, civil war soldiers lurk outside, a deceased home owner would keep an eye on my baby sister, voices talked and called your name, mimic your famlies voices footsteps in hallway doors shut, money dissappears then reappears days later where you looked many times, slaves seen running down the street are just a few things that go on here, theres NO WAY in hell id do anything like that here, or anywhere, summoning spirits is evil in my opinion, and youre playing with a loaded gun in that respect- 99% of the paranormal cant harm you, i see no need trying to find that 1%, scaaaaaarew that!

  34. Why do poorly informed people still insist on playing these 'games'. Although some of these may be safe and will only conjure up what your imagination allows there is still a very real risk of injury while running round a dark building in a panicked state of mind. However some are very dangerous rituals. Having a genuine intention to invite a negative spirit into your home is a bad idea and any ritual with intent could attract something unwanted, freely giving your name or blood is playing russain roulette and could attract a non human entity with no intentions of leaving once the 'game' is over.

  35. The ouija board game, and others like it are all of Demonic origins. And are very dangerous, Demonic entity's are very real. They are in fact fallen angels.

  36. Unbelievable how misled and willing to deceive yourself all you people are! They should make movies about this community, I mean I can't say to what degree each of you knows you're bat shit crazy but I'm willing to wager at the very least that almost all of you are probably very substantially medicated. I wish I could reassure you that this is all bs but I guess there's no way you'd believe me. Really fascinating though, I'm sorry for you all. Love the few trolls though, y'all are doing the good work

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

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