January 29, 2013

Pretty Faces

One day, I read an article about how all the best known Batman actors were morphed together to create one perfect Bruce Wayne. Morphing all of them billionaire/hero faces got a nice result. Now I decided to try morphing four of Korea's most beautiful actresses Note: the women I chose are from my own preference, I'll try to add Han Ga In and Yoon Eun Hye's faces later.

January 28, 2013

The Romantic Escapades of Ohno Satoshi

Ohno Satoshi, the fisherman, artist and everything else. Over the years, I've personally observed the increasing number of Ohno fans among Arashi stalkers. Which is kind of cool since he's also my favorite. But together with his ever changing hairstyle, Ohno also had his own number of girls as the years went by, some with fellow entertainers, others are girls we, as fans, would never get to know about. But of course we all know Ohno only shares his soul with Kazunari Nino, but I guess we still need to know who these girls were.

Let us see how Ohno tackled them~


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