December 13, 2019

Blog Drafts That Never Saw the Light of Day

Hello, beauties! Life was too hectic for me that I wasnt able to follow up on my previous promise to get back to this blog. But worry no more! I just had an idea! I looked into my drafts and saw I gathered a lot of ideas through the years but didnt manage to either finish or publish them. So I'm going to share some of them here today!

August 13, 2019

Hello, I'm back

Not sure if anyone still reads this blog, but I'm back with lots of plans this time. I was seriously gone for a full year huh. But 2018 was a time of changes and self love for me, so I guess I needed the time off.

So anyway, first, I'll be revamping the blog design, you might notice some changes from the font style to the colors. Don't worry, that was me. Will post new shit in the next month as well. My list of obsession have extended to more topics by now, but I'll see what I can do :)

I actually had other blogs but they're doing well on their own, I figured I'll revisit this in particular and resume where I initially began.

So update on my life? Still miserable but still fighting. Currently in a nice job but I ain't happy. I'm planning to look for a new job soon, and if successful, it would be my fourth.

Also don't worry, I'm still an Arashi, Kpop and Anime fan. That will never change. It is part of me always. However, I've made new friends with new things as mentioned earlier. I'm hoping to introduce them to you in a nice manner.

So see ya!

October 15, 2017

The Different Kinds of Students

This post is a culmination of my all the observations I've had while studying in the university. I've sent this to our University Confessions page in Facebook and was surprisingly popular for a short time. I'm obviously blowing my anonymity here, but hey, I've graduated! HAHAHA

You'd be surprised how lots of people inside the campus are actually walking stereotypes, and it's fun to identify those kinds of people that you met once in a while in your student life. 
Or maybe you are one of them at some point?

May 27, 2017

Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk: A Visual Timeline

One of the best news I've got this year was the confirmation of Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk relationship. It was one of a busy week for me after pictures of the concert-date got out (Thanks Cold play!) and more papapics got published after a few hours. The last time I was excited for a reel to real life Korean power couple was Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo which we all know ended in a split and I was devastated.

After binge-watching Weighlifting Fairy and Cheese in the Trap earlier this year, I was already familiar with the two and have done a mini research on their projects together. Quite surprised at what I discovered that time: They were together a lot. They debuted almost the same time and became partners in many CMs which is unique if you actually think about it. It's no wonder they're close to begin with.

May 11, 2017

Siquijor and its Legend

Among Siquijor's better known clients is said to be Imelda Marcos, the former first lady and widow of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

During the 1970s, San Juanico bridge was still under construction. It was a big news during that time due to its span: stretching from Samar to Leyte. San Juanico had been a pet project of Ferdinand Marcos, thus it was not surprising to have his wife, Imelda Marcos, monitor the construction once in a while.