July 28, 2012

Tutorials Ahoy

I'm a bookstore and library addict. I get to spend hours reading various books and never be bored. I am now going to share tutorials that I loved and a few that could be used for children's crafts.
First: Fishtail Braid!!
Second, a few tutorials from a Japanese craft magazine, how to do furoshiki. I believe there are already a lot of similar tutorials on the web.

July 25, 2012

UPDATED! Horang's Korean Horror Comics Translated!!!

Bwahaha, these animated webcomics must have been translated for a while now. I was genuinely scared out my wits when I first read them years ago. For those who have not seen the comics, it was made by the mysterious, and obscure Korean blogger known as Horang, who was assumed by fans to be a comic artist named Jong-Ho Choi. This is still unconfirmed, so we can never be sure. Using the ever-effective horror tale element: shock, Horang's two internet famous works are part of a special anthology series 2011 Mystery Sketch in naver.com.

Ladies and Gentlemen, PRESENTING:

Nope, won't give out spoilers, this is for sweet fear, must read with headphones and loneliness...

July 17, 2012

Royal Love Stories

When Diana had her fairy tale wedding, she looked every bit like Cinderella  The hair, the beauty, and all the lavish things the British Royal family could offer to the new couple. But forget not how that love story ended. Yep, not a happily ever after. This is Life anyway.

The past few months, I began to do a mini research on various Royalties from times long gone  A Royal couple, what comes to mind? Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII or Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI?? What surprised me is the treasure of romantic events that spun in and out the Kings, Queens and Princesses of all kinds, and some are almost quite unknown to the general public. I am now here to share three of my favorite tales:


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