February 26, 2014

So...Fucking Busy

People are saying that I should feel excited since I'll be graduating in a few weeks. I don't feel excited or happy or shit, I feel like I would smash my head somewhere anytime soon. I'm only getting a few hours of sleep this week  

stress + school + financial problems + another requirement + missing group mates =    t(=_=''

February 22, 2014

DIY: Paper Dolls

I decided last week to make some diy paper dolls again. My last attempt was two years ago and being the girl with short span of attention that I am, I was led astray and forgot all about that project. I can't even find those cutouts! Now, I'm starting another batch which is shown above. 

I chose clothes from a costume book in the library, using the designs spanning from the 16th up to the late 19th century. I still have more copied designs left but I just set them aside for being too frilly. I'm also trying to get inspired from Poupee girl, that Japanese dress-up browser game. I went on scribbling all the cutest wardrobes from that site since rumor has it that the game's going be shut down anytime this year, it's saddens me since I love all their pieces and the clothes were simply nice.

Now the next step is scanning these bitches and editing them digitally. I am not confident with my experience with using textures but I pray the paper doll (Let's call her Leandra, she's bald for now but I already have a hairdo in mind) and her clothes will come out OK =)

February 14, 2014

Belated Happy Valentines!

Since my imaginary boyfriends were absent yesterday, I spent the whole day sulking in that shadowy spider-webbed corner. Nah, not really. We had an Eat-All-You-Can afternoon! The last time I went to this kind of restaurant was approximately seven years ago, during my 6th grade graduation so I was enthusiastic to gorge ourselves silly instead of the usual cakes and sweet treats.

The funny thing was, we were all busy that morning with our own problems. In fact I myself had to create a video with my group mates for a project. Apart from the usual Valentines traffict inside the university, another interesting event was the guys from the Mechanical Engineering course were having their Feasibility Study displays on the school grounds. I can't just pass that one of course and proceeded to look at their creations despite crowd.

As expected all three of us were ravenous by the time we arrived at the restaurant. Friends and food are the best companions for all the single ladies. Happy Valentines everybody!

February 12, 2014

Disney Connections: Frozen Tangled with Tangled

This is a hasty-made post, so I'll just add improvements later. So anyway I wanna share two great rumors concerning the connection between the world of Corona and Arendelle (a.k.a. Frozen and Tangled) Disney's notorious of hidden easer eggs so the following might be possible:
Recently, it was discovered that Flynn and Rapunzel were inserted as surprise cameos in Frozen, sometime when Anna was singing "For the First Time in Forever". The physical similarities are obvious.

February 06, 2014

On Winters and Finnick

I've got a busy schedule this week. It's getting worse. Between surprise quizzes and joining our school's job fair, it's simply outlandish how the teachers still managed to add more requirements whose deadlines are around a week before the exams! So last weekend, to chill myself, I decided to watch Catching Fire and Frozen.

I've got to say that I absolutely love the Hunger Games trilogy, but I wasn't able to watch the second movie last year because Christmas is an expensive season that makes everybody dirt poor. So I was so damn excited when I finally get to watch it last Saturday. Not surprisingly, they were once more faithful to the book. I don't remember much but it all came back to me as the plot progressed. It's cool to see the events unfold on the big screen like it did in my imagination while reading it years ago. However only Finnick Odair made a dent in my mind. The gorgeous, pretty, mesmerizing Finnick Odair: