March 19, 2013

Music for the Day: Coraline Soundtrack-"End Credits"

Created by Bruno Coulais for the movie Coraline. Creepy shit but still beautiful.

Anyone Excited for Hidamari no Kanojo ?

Matsumoto Jun is finally paired up with Ueno Juri in a romance movie! So excited or this one. The film, which will open in October this year, is based on the popular romance novel of the same name by author Koshigaya Osamu. It’s said to be the number one love story girls want boys to read, such reputation, we could assume these readers might have high expectations for the film.
The story follows the romance of a salesman, Kosuke (Matsumoto) and childhood friend Mao (Ueno) and their decision to marry. However, Mao is keeping a secret... But for now, let us google at the photos of the two characters looking good together~

March 18, 2013

Song of Ice and Fire Beotches!!!

I am in love with Jon Snow. Anyway I started reading the books way back when I was 14. I only stopped at the third book since it was a 'trilogy' back then, and I seriously thought it has ended and was depressed. Then I saw the series and the two more books and saw I was truly stupid.
This March, I dedicated myself to reading the existing five books of The Song of Ice and Fire, I am now at the fifth book! Of all the characters in the books, the most interesting is ( obviously ) Jon Snow, especially who his parents are. Personally, I don't believe Ned's his father. I mean come on, the guy's so honorable his entire body is squeaking clean, up until splattered by his own blood that is. Besides, why all the secrecy? Jon Snow's a bastard! Surprise! Why make a huge deal out of it??! To make everything clear, I lurked in many GoT forums and found many that are satisfying. Of course I'm biased.

March 16, 2013

Society at its Best?

There are countless ways to spend time online, my much preferred time-waster is reading old blogs. The treasures you'll uncover within these webpages, seriously, I once read a blog about this Arashi fan from Hong Kong, dated way back in 2001 and it was just heart warming. Anyway I'm not here to talk about Arashi though, I was doing my own jumping from one multiply blog to another when I found myself here.
Since it's about my country, I'm interested
He was able to copy an Anonymous comment from another blog that gave extra scoop in Philippine's social scene. This was during 2008, more than four years ago, but it's still a cool read, I never bothered myself with the rich and famous, but this is amusing.

Arashi fashion

So many episodes, Arashi guys are quite busy with their shows, needless to say, they have nice tastes when it comes to fashion, or maybe it's their stylists. Either let us see a few of what they've worn

Males according to 4chan

 View image for larger pic

March 11, 2013

Our Laptop's Motherboard is Officially DEAD

I'll try to catch up with whatever blogging I should catch up with, here I am punching on somebody else's keyboard using somebody else's computer, waiting for some new desktop to fly itself into my room. I don't expect I'll be able to make long blogposts for weeks to come. Anyway I just found these two funny pics of Ohno and Nino, may this serve my blog well this week~


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