May 23, 2012

Games you Don't Want to Play

DISCLAIMER: All content provided on this blog post are for informational purposes only. 
I will not be liable for any errors or omissions, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. It is highly recommended NOT TO "PLAY" THEM, because you just don't "play" with the unknown. If you do choose to ignore this advice, do so at your own risk. 

Remember how your sleepovers or Holloween nights went when you you were younger? Scary games like Cat Scratch, Bloody Mary, and even the occasional (and quite dangerous) Ouija board are certain to be remembered.

AWwww paranormal entities, Humans can't get enough of you, the series Supernatural makes you look cool, and the tradition of testing the nervous system still continues through generations. anyway, I've been online for quite a bit, and have been into forums and such, I was able to collect a few games for the brave and stupid. I am not brave nor do I have balls, So I will just post four of the intriguing ones here.
Play at your own risk.

May 17, 2012

The Trivial Matters Gets the Ratings

The months of April and May have been quite controversial for two Korean artists
Though Japan and Korea are related historically and culturally, the anti-Hallyu protests doesn't seem to stop, and instead, the Japanese media whose coverage can be overwhelming, focused itself, more than necessary, on the Korean stars.

Just last month the Japanese cyberworld is putting up a tantrum over Korean idol, Park Ji-yeon's "rude" and “barbaric”table manners that was shown in one of Shin Ramyun's CMs. Apparently self-righteous Japan cannot and would not tolerate a Korean eating from a pot being shown on TV.
"... the video pans to Ji-yeon sitting down to eat her finished meal when suddenly, for reasons unexplained, she removes the lid of the pot with one hand, plunges her chopsticks directly into the pot with the other, lifts up a mass of noodles and plops them down on the overturned lid as if it were a plate before transferring them into her cute little mouth...

May 15, 2012

Is THIS Even Serious?

I guess it is since it existed. Go here if you want to join the debate, I'll just have to wash my own hands on this.

May 14, 2012

Time for a Few Korean Urban Legends

Each and every cultures boasts their own share of urban legends and scary stories. who wouldn't want to hear a few? so today I would like to focus on the wonderful country of Korea. 
The scary one are almost always the same
Koreans have their own traditional ways and culture that dates back long ago, it is not surprising that we are able to see urban legends that had survived up until the modern age. Apart from the usual unmarried girl/guy still haunting beyond the grave and girls who are nine-tailed-foxes in disguise, there are also new stories to enjoy too, Here are my three faves and let us start with the weird one:

Fan Death 
Oh no, Kpop has nothing to do with this. It is all what you read. Literally dying because of electric fans.
Here is an excerpt from a korean english language newspaper, Korea Herald June 28, 1997:

May 13, 2012

Meet the Family

JE boys are notorious for having mysterious lives outside the entertainment industry. Mainly due to the agency's strict rules and regulations. Secrecy covers the family members. If I were an idol of course, I will not want to have my own loved ones stalked by fangirls.

But anyway, since we are normal fans,
I guess its alright to get to know them a little bit.

The Romantic Escapades of Matsumoto Jun

First let us read the following blind item urageinou2 wrote: "National idol group member M-J of A, is finally exposing his being a gay. This rumor has been circulated among the media lately."

Oh perfect, another gay rumor to add to the list. So far nothing has been revealed so Matsumoto is still and will always be officially a Male Man. Being one though needs the company of women, and Jun has been linked to a few gorgeous personalities through the years. So let us go down the memory lane and meet the females.

May 11, 2012

Patting Jin Akanishi's Shoulder

Once upon a time, there is this nation wide famous Japanese idol named Jin Akanishi who dated a beautiful actress named Kuroki Meisa.  The two had known each other for the past few years, but had grown close since the later part of 2010, and had finally started during the early days of 2011. Everything had been just a one big rumor that time.[1]

And POOF! It is confirmed that Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki are officially married!
And Kuroki's preggie! and Johnny Kitagawa is pissed off! It wasn't a huge surprise when the old man ordered to cancel Jin's nationwide tour (5 cities,for 70,000 people) as a penalty to having a shotgun marraige. [2] We deeply apologize for the troubles he has caused the fans and everyone concerned.”Johnny’s Entertainment had apologized.

May 10, 2012

Arashi's Decline? Pulezzz

I remember this article by cyzo translated by Omoxi of Tumblr:

Since the mid-2000s, Arashi has sprung into the top artist seat, but since last year, their popularity has started to see gloom.
“In the 2000s, Arashi appearing in the media increased, and they acquired many new fans. However on the other hand, they’ve lost the power to attract core fans who shell out money, and their popularity foundation is dwindling. At the same time, however, groups like Kanjani8 or Hey! Say! JUMP have acquired this power, and even new groups like Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, or A.B.C.-Z have become a topic.”
“Each of Arashi’s members have some type of charm, but do not have the strong, influential personalities like Kimura Takuya or Nakai Masahiro that allows you to reign over the entertainment world for a long time. If they lose the age they can be called “cute”, Arashi’s members have lack of a personality to continue as the National Idol Group, or in other words, are too much this generation’s child.
Arashi’s bubble has reached its peak, and what comes next for them is now the real challenge. SMAP doesn’t have a member with higher education like Sakurai Sho, or a talented artist like Ohno Satoshi, but the question is can Arashi once more create their own era again? In any case, it looks like their real worth as an idol group can only be answered this year.”
So let us discuss:

May 09, 2012

The Unfortunate Blog of Miss Higashihara

Aki Higashihara is an extraordinary phenomenon and living Internet and 2ch legend. Anyone would think she may be famous because of her commercials or her being a TV personality. Yes, she's comfortably sitting in the entertainment world, but her stardom isn't due to her job but mainly because of her own blogging 'abilities'.

She became notorious on the web as a blogger who brings misfortune or failure to anyone or anything she chooses to blog about. Japanese internet users then began to call Higashihara’s blog as the “Death Blog”,a reference to the popular manga Death Note in which writing a persons name in a notebook would bring death to that person, even Higashihara herself was called "KIRA". 2ch's /occult/ board held discussion boards about it and made a compilation of her so-called "Success rate":

Horikoshi Gakuen, High School of the Famous

One of Japan's famous schools, Horikoshi Gakuen, located in Tokyo’s Nakano district, is famous known for its students: The elite and the highly capable artists. To make entrance into this high school, the students have to be sons or daughters of families capable of paying the tuition fee or smart enough to have a full scholarship or be a self employed Japanese idol.

Their program for celebrities called as TRAIT is as important as it is well known. This is to make the student not give up on their studies, at the same time, their life in the entertainment industry can be taken care of. Therefore, this high school is a popular among the idols of Japan.

Some things a student should know:

1. Piercing, Earrings and make up are prohibited.

2. Dating is strictly prohibited. Boys and Girls have different entrance routes. If discovered, they will order them to break up th relationship. If not, they will be expelled. In the campus, boys and girls cannot talk to each other easily. Being always together might be suspicious enough for the teachers
3. Ipods, Boombox, or any unwanted materials not related to the academics or clubs is prohibited. Use of cellphones is limited. They are only allowed to use at specific times

4. The school is filled with CCTVs in order to protect the idols and wealthy students in the campus.

5. Students are not allowed to eat snacks inside the school nor buying of snacks on the way home. If they will, he/she would be in for detention.

6. The fee for the students in TRAIT course (aka Entertainment Course) is really expensive. Horikoshi adjusts to keep up with the student’s schedule, and protects the his/her privacy, With this traditional and strict program the students in this course will have to pay the specified amount of money. At the same time, the student must be an artist.

7. Also if a TRAIT student needs to dye the hair for that period of time, they will have to fill in a form, stating how long they will be in the colour. After that, they will have to dye it black.

8. Some new rules starting January 15, 2010. The artist will be supervised by teachers as bodyguards, even they had already brought their own bodyguards. Regular students are not allowed to speak with the Sports Idols / Artists during breaks or outside school. When caught, he/she will be fined, detained or expelled.

9. An Artist / Idol will be arriving at school by car, and bodyguards wait outside the classroom. This artist will be accompanied by bodyguards even at rest. Regular class pupils can not be in the same class with the celebrities nor can they speak or befriend the artist because the bodyguards only allow conversations with classmates and people who work with the artist. The Artist / Idol should not be talking to people who are not artists. If this rule is violated, he/she will be excluded from school.

 Horikoshi Gakuen is divided into 4 classes:

1. University-For the University students

2. Sports-Classes for students are well known in the field of sports (athletes)

3. Classes for Artists / TRAIT for the singers, actors, idols, etc.

4. Class Scholarships- For Scholars

Unique Suggestions for your Bucket List

We all know what a Bucket List is. Seen the movie, made one for ourselves. We all even have our own similarities. Write a Novel, Go Around the World etc., etc.

But there would always be that small space in your list in which you are saving for a very unique, amazing, not necessarily life changing, goal you want to achieve before your death, and the hard part is indentifying what that is.

In this blogpost, I present to you a few suggestions, you could do some research on, to spice up your Bucket List. Keep Calm and Have Fun!!

  • Whistle with Your Fingers- Anyone can learn to whistle, but it takes patience and practice to do it by your fingers, are you up for the challenge?
  • Learn to Juggle- Hey you could become an expert juggler someday, and it does not end with balls, yep you could even use rings, clubs, oh and try doing knives too
  • Memorize the first 50 digits of PI
  • Learn an Ancient Language- Latin's not the only old school lingo out there. There's Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Sanskrit and whole lot more. The problem lies on finding yourself a mentor, but hey, there's no harm in trying.
  • Learn Pen Spinning- Because blessing a normal pen with a different role other than writing or stabbing is nice, especially if it helps keep the boredom away.
  • Learn ASL- Communication. It is such a beautiful word.
  • Ventriloquism- It is never easy, and it forces you to make witty and hilarious conversations with yourself, don't worry it would all be worth it.
  • Learn Pitman. Teeline and Gregg Shorthand- Time is what we lack nowadays, and you want to remember something, jot it down using these shorthand methods and you are on your way.
  • Learn Sindarin- Tolkein created a whole world....and a language, let us take advantage.
  • Do Lucid Dreaming- You wanna feel that Inception thing? Do this. Seriously. It consists of being relaxed and sometimes you might end up just sleeping peacefully, but determination might get you there.
  • Shave your head- And grow your hair back
  • Download an Ebook and Print it- Do this with banned books or classic/ rare ones.
  • Smile for One Whole Day- Oh look she's nagging at me, smile. Oh look I just lost the train, smile.
  • Recite the English Alphabet Backwards- Unnecessary, but this is not just a walk in the park, so useful or not, getting this one would still be something worth celebrating.
  • Cosplay your Favorite Fictional Character- Thou shall not fear cosplay. Try it and make sure you genuinely love the character you are cosplaying and at the same time suits you.
  • Unlock an Iphone- Do it.
  • Hide a File Behind a JPEG- Be a ninja, cyber style, just before you die.
  • Become a Human Calendar- Needs lots of memorization but this skill is actually handy.
  • Join NaNoWriMo- WRITE A NOVEL. How long have you dreamed of doing this and not getting anywhere? join nanowrimo this year and force yourself have a 50000 word novel by the end of the month.
  • Do whatever You Wrote in your Bucket List- Action is better than words.


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