October 31, 2013

Days 8, 9 and 10!

Day 8 - ten things you’d like to say to ten different people, without using names
I'm usually frank to people regardless of consequences. This habit of mine makes it hard for me to befriend others, but at least I don't keep things to myself. So all the things I needed to say has been said already so I don't think I'll need this anymore.

Day 9 - your favorite blog
Too many to mention. I've been lurking in the internet since forever and it owuld take a long time for me to finish putting the all my fave links here. However I could share the blogs I'm following in Google, so if you have free time, have a look at my list here.

Day 10 - a picture of your favorite relative
My aunt and Grandma! =)

October 30, 2013

The Rash

First, I just wanna share these photos of my leggy legs during the time I had the worst rashes I've ever had in my entire life as some sort of prologue:
Sorry for the bad quality =)
But I guess the message's clear =(
Whatever you call this kind of rash, it sure fucked me up so bad. Lasted a few weeks and was the itchiest I've ever felt. I have no idea how it began, but I first noticed the bumps on my legs one night, just a few minutes before I fell asleep. The first thing that came to my mind was that they may be due to mosquito bites, as it has always been my skin's default reaction to these pesky insects. Since I was already sleepy and the lights were already out by that time, I decided to forget about the them and I had a long uneventful sleep.

However it is to my utmost horror when I finally saw the real situation the next morning: Islands of bumpy rash all over my legs, my stomach, and even a few on my arms!
Thank God I was calm during the ordeal. The same thing had happened to my mother many years ago and from what I discovered afterwards, it's almost normal and most people I know have gone through this 'phase'. Even my schoolmates fortunately didn't think it was unusual.

Apparently it has a nickname, "hangin-hangin" which literally means "wind-wind". The older guys explained to me that it was due to a certain type of bad breeze and I was temporarily allergic and there was nothing I could do but wait. Naturally, my mind was screaming bullshit at their explanation. But since I found nothing helpful in the internet, I decided to accept their theory instead.

I did not go to a doctor, nor did I take any kind of medication. I went on with my life and everything is cool, only with an additional itchiness I somehow managed to survived. Fortunately my island-like bumps faded on its own, and one day I'm surprised to see myself...eh...normal again! But I sure hated those days.

October 26, 2013

Wella's Adventures Part 2: That Pretty Woman

This story didn't took place on the road, rather it was in a mall many many years ago. It had been a nice warm morning and mother and I were strolling around the shopping mall for a little while before going home.

I was able to find myself alone in one of the department store's corners. While I was busy admiring clothes, I can't help but noticing the sales ladies looking restless. They were staring at somebody behind me and from the look of their faces, they were both awed and curious. I was immediately curious too so I turned around. Behind me apparently stood the most beautiful creature I've ever seen in my entire life. 

Somewhat like this woman, but with a whiter complexion and an amazing facial structure.

She was looking at hats so I was able to ogle at her radiant aura. Up to this day I could still remember her smooth white skin, her incredibly heavy ebony locks, and perfectly placed nose and mouth. She had been quite tall too, and moves in such a graceful manner. The only weird thing about her was that she was wearing such awfully huge sunglasses, as if anytime now she would shrink and hide behind its lens. To make the situation memorable, she was with two bodyguards. Both of them are huge and wearing dark uniforms. 

As I said earlier, this took place years ago and I was still a young girl. Despite the lady's beauty and charm, I was easily intimidated by the bodyguard so I went away to find my mother.
If I think about it now, my conclusion would be that she was either a foreign actress on vacation or could be one of those socialite girls. it's really hard to imagine where that kind of beauty comes from. 

Damn she might have been an elf for all we know. 

Wella's Adventures Part 1: On My Way Home

Even if I feel old typing about about this, I'd like to share my funny and memorable incidents that happened to me years ago. I usually rode the motorela ( A type of public transport found in the Philippines) on my way home during my high school days, during during that time we live so far away from the city and every time I go home, it feels like I'm going on an adventure.

The Late Review: Pacific Rim

Finally finished watching Pacific Rim. Now don't get me wrong, I've seen it many months ago but only up to the part where two kaijus appeared. Over the weekend I was able to finished watching it once and for all and for those who told me it was shit, it was actually awesome you ungrateful assholes. It's an eye candy, monster edition, stop complaining.

Well of course to be fair, it has its long list of cons, that can't be helped. However I'm still seriously pissed to those who treat Pacific Rim as if it's the year's worst crap ever. Come on guys, stop with the exaggeration, it does not make you sound like an honorable movie critic. The film isn't perfect but it sure is enjoyable.

Now, since we've just talked about the downsides of the movie, might as well go on with it, here are the cons:

1. The acting seems off. Fortunately, Idris Elba saves the day. I was quite happy to see Ron Perlman too even if it was only for a minor role.

Thou shall not move.
Thou shall not move
2. Dearest Mako Mori, I love your bravery and stubbornness and all but I really am distracted by your hair. Not that it's bad, but I'm a girl too and I found myself worrying over your short bob for the rest of the movie. Seriously, I'd rather have you in a much simpler hair style.

3. The world government's only contribution to Jaegar-making is... Financial assistance. That's the main impression I got, then later on they told Pentecost that the robots are not effective anymore so they will just have to withdraw their helping hand in a few months. Like bitches, you actually think your wall is a better idea? del Toro should remember that world leaders in movies may have common sense too.

4. Why are there still civilians living near the Pacific? In the prologue it was stated that the people somehow overcame their fear of the monsters since they now have Jaegers and had became complacent later on. BULLSHIT. Those are aliens, huge motherfucking monsters trampling on buildings like spoiled brats, normal people won't just live on at the same place like they used to (unless of course if they're not stable in the head or something) Would have been more realistic if humanity have cowered in the middle of China-Russia and the Kaijus are still coming in.

5. Gipsy Danger survived because of the huge magic sword! Good job Mako for not forgetting about it. Maybe the others could have stood a chance if they remembered this secret weapon. OH WAIT, it's because they don't even have one! All they had was tiny knives and useless punching metal fists and my mind couldn't comprehend why.

Naturally I won't leave out the good parts. Here are the reasons why PR is my fave movie this year:
1. Remember that flying kaiju? I was pleasantly surprised. Made me howl like "FUUUUUCK!" Wait, then there's the jaeger sword making its appearance out of nowhere? Also remember when Pentecost walk out to be a jaegar pilot once again? How about the cute Ashida Mana a.k.a mini Mako crying her heart out? DUDE. Can't count the number of times I sat in front of the screen with my mouth hanging open. Speaking of...

Damn, you could have been Christian Grey =(
2. Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket is just perfect, he has the perfect voice for the prologue and justifies his ass-kicking character with that sexy body of his. Mako approves.

3. Despite having Mako as a semi-love interest, I'm happy to see that there had been no kissing scene. Mako had developed a crush on Becket but at the last part where they were together in the ocean, they look like siblings.

4. The soundtrack is simply amazing. This one just gets me hyped every fucking time.

5. Perfect eye candy. Movie nowadays are filled to the brim with CGI but Pacific Rim is different by actually having uniquely designed monsters, amazing fight scenes and memorable jaegars.

6. The best prologue I've seen in a movie so far. Fast but not hasty, covers all the necessary details, from the people, the government, the economy, and the complacent attitude as well as capitalism humans love so much.

I knew from the first time I saw the trailer that this movie is for me. It felt like Gundam and Voltron all over again, my childhood loves finally making it to to big screen. I have no problem with the movie's downsides, as long as I'm entertained, I will love it. After all this is why it's called the Entertainment Industry. So for all the haters out there, HATE ON BITCHEZ

October 10, 2013

Reading Crazy Rich Asians

This debut novel by Kevin Kwan has been in the bestsellers list for sometime already. From what we could identify from the book's title itself, as well as the reviews found online, this novel is about the different stereotypes of rich Asian families, their lifestyle and their behaviors.
I decided to pick this up since I'm an Asian and Philippines sure has its share of Chinese millionaires. If you'll bother to look at our 50 Richest guys, it's the Filipino-Chinese getting the top three thrones.
Plan #1: marry myself into one of their sons and shit
Anyway, I'm several pages in it now, and it's actually hard to read to be honest. Especially with the places they were going and the things the filthy rich characters were buying. How am I supposed to know what a Poltrona Frau leather is? What is the taste of an Iranian beluga caviar? Thus Wikipedia became my best friend. The book also mentioned a few establishments that I know nothing about, so here is what I discovered about them:
  • Parsons The New School For Design is a private art and design college and is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious art and design universities in the world. 
  • Cambridge Judge Business School which is consistently ranked as one of the world's leading business educational institutions. 
  • The best thing I learned about was the elite British stockbroker and investment bank Cazenove. This bank is rumored to be the appointed stockbroker to Her Majesty The Queen and that despite its 'blue-blooded' reputation and its complete aversion to publicity, it is still one of the most successful brokers and corporate advisers in London.
Back to the main subject, Kwan sure made a long list of Asian stereotypes, just take your pick. I can't possibly list them all here, but despite their differences, I found a common denominator that is applicable to the daughters of the wealthy Asian families:
For the small group of girls growing up within Singapore's most elite milieu, life followed a prescribed order: Beginning at age six, you were enrolled at Methodist Girls' School (MGS), Singapore Chinese Girls' School (SCGS), or the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ).  
After-school hours were consumed by a team of tutors preparing you for the avalanche of weekly exams (usually in classical Mandarin literature, multi-variable calculus, and molecular biology), followed on the weekends by piano, violin, flute, ballet, or riding, and some sort of Christian Youth Fellowship activity.  
If you did well enough, you entered the National University of Singapore (NUS) and if you did not, you were sent abroad to England (American colleges were deemed substandard). The only acceptable majors were medicine or law (unless you were truly dumb, in which case you settled for accounting).  
After graduating with honors (anything less would bring shame to the family), you practiced your vocation (for not more than three years) before marrying a boy from a suitable family at the age of twenty-five (twenty-eight if you went to med school).  
At this point, you gave up your career to have children (three or more were officially encouraged by the government for women of your background, and at least two should be boys), and life would consist of a gentle rotation of galas, country clubs, Bible study groups, light volunteer work, contract bridge, mah-jong, traveling, and spending time with your grandchildren (dozens and dozens, hopefully) until your quiet and uneventful death.
Spoon Feeding. Seriously, their lives are already planned out in such amazing detail it's like reading a script. The same thing goes for the hilarious way some characters view marriage. There's this funny scene where a girl named Isabel was confused whether to marry a certain guy or not since she's in dilemma since her boyfriend is just a commoner. Then a 'good' friend Francesca decided to narrow down things for her:
"Let's be generous and assume that Simon is making a measly eight hundred thousand a year. After taxes and CPF, his take-home is only about half a million. Where are you going to live on that kind of money? Think about it, you have to factor a million dollars per bedroom, and you need at least three bedrooms, so you are talking three mil for an apartment in Bukit Timah. That's a hundred and fifty thousand a year in mortgage and property taxes. 
Then say you have two kids, and you want to send them to proper schools. At thirty thousand a year each for school fees that's sixty thousand, plus twenty thousand a year each on tutors. That's one hundred thousand a year on schooling alone. 
Servants and nannies, two Indonesian or Sri Lankan maids will cost you another thirty thousand, unless you want one of them to be a Swedish or French au pair, then you're talking eighty thousand a year spent on the help. 
Now, what are we going to do about your own upkeep? At the very least, you'll need ten new outfits per season, so you won't be ashamed to be seen in public. Thank God Singapore only has two seasons: hot and hotter, so let's just say, to be practical, you'll only spend four thousand per look. That's eighty thousand a year for wardrobe. I'll throw in another twenty thousand for one good handbag and a few pairs of new shoes every season. 
And then there is your basic maintenance  hair, facials, mani, pedi, brazilian wax, eyebrow wax, massage, chiro, acupuncture, Pilates, yoga, core fusion, personal trainer. That's another forty thousand a year. 
We've already spent four hundred and seventy thousand of Simon's salary, which leaves just thirty thousand for everything else. How are you going to put food on the table and clothe your babies with that? How will you ever get away to an Aman resort twice a year? And we haven't even taken into account your membership dues at Churchill Club and Pulau Club! 
Don't you see? It's impossible for you to marry Simon. We wouldn't worry if you had your own money, but you know your situation. The clock is ticking on your pretty face. It's time to cut your losses and let Lauren introduce you to one of those eligible Beijing billionaires before it's too late." 
Isabel was reduced to a puddle of tears.
I still have a few pages to read but the theme is already obvious: How a Rich Asian family would accept a mere Cinderella-like mortal into their lives.

The sad thing is I've actually heard similar stories in real life, and usually the ending is either having the child of the rich Chinese family disowned or in some fortunate cases, forgiven but not forgotten. He/she won't be allowed inside the family business anymore and the commoner wife or husband will have a lot of catching up to do. Quite dramatic but stupid. But I guess if you came from an old successful clan, family traditions and heritage are taken seriously.

October 06, 2013

So What's the Real Deal w/ Kim Chiu ?

Before you fangirls scream bloody murder at me, I just want to make myself clear to everyone: I actually like Kim. I'm not a huge fan but I don't dislike her.

Judging from all the hate Kim is receiving from the Pinoy netizens (most especially in the past few years) it's quite obvious that her reputation of being an alleged retokada is gaining ground inside the minds of Filipinos everywhere. When she tries to defend herself by confronting her bashers, she is almost always called Patola Queen seconds later. I don't pretend I'm intellectually superior to anyone, but from my perspective, these types of behavior's perfectly childish. If these haters were in her shoes, they could have done worse.

Things went a bit scary a few months ago when a few throwaway accounts started bashing her in a more severe way and this was the worse:


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