September 29, 2013

My Weird Attempt at Photography

Fun fact: we don't own a camera. Not even a small, simple digital point-and-shoot camera. Well, we have our phones of course but mine is ancient beyond dimensions and my mother owns dying Motorola. So when I suddenly found myself alone with my friend's digicam during our school's intramurals, I took a few photos around the soccer field (while a game of soccer is currently going on that time). I'm an ignorant that way, so here are the results:
A wheel of some professor's car

My friend's hair

Because I was right in the middle of the parking lot

i have no idea what this signifies

I like the sixth one loljk, also I found this one I took from another friend's cam:
classy, my first food photography

September 28, 2013

The Weird Relationship of EXO with Some of Their Sasaeng Fans

The Korean music industry is bigger than the Japanese these days. Let's face it, they have more popular idol groups an the bigger fanbase worldwide. I like Kpop too but my world revolves around Norazo and old Girls Generation music videos. So when I first heard about EXO from a few friends I was seriously clueless. I haven't heard their songs nor do I even care to listen.

One day, I was reading through Asianjunkie's posts when I noticed a few articles were written specially for EXO's sasaeng fans and it certainly made me interested all of the sudden. The latest news I knew of them was that just this September 15, EXO had to cancel their fansign event in Daejeon because the situation was too chaotic. (Photo related)

I clicked around Google for a while and from the looks of it, EXO fans are unfortunately labeled as the worst fan base in KPOP industry. Worse than TVXQ's.
That is one serious allegation since if memory served me right, even if they are already JYJ and DBSK, the fans are still reported to be anything but sane. Now blogs are comparing those to EXO's. How and why? 

For those who doesn't know the term, Sasaeng fans are basically groups of batshit crazy obsessive Korean fanatics. They are the Korean counterparts of the Japanese Yarakishi. However, where the Japanese idols are heavily gaurded by their agencies, the fans of Korean stars could have a more direct access to their famed idols, stalking and harassing them to no end has became their favorite pastime, hoping for that one fateful day where their lovely Oppas would fall in love with them and shit.
So I find it quite unfair for others to judge the entire fanbase based on them alone.

So what is it that they've truly done against EXO all these years? Let me count the ways. Made the list from various sources, so I am not so sure with the accuracy.

September 25, 2013

I'm Finally Twenty!

It was my birthday yesterday, September 25. So far it had been the busiest birthday I've ever had. So what took place? Here's the schedule

7am-11am Labor Employment for Graduating Students Seminar
The guys from the guidance counselling expected to find more than 700 students but the people who have attended yesterday, including me, only summed up to around 200. So despite the humid weather, the room stayed cozy and less crowded.

11am-12pm Did a bit of research at the school library+lunch
All in one hour. The fortunate thing is the school computers were doing well yesterday, without the usual crashes and lagging it loves to put itself up. I easily finished the research thing then rushed out to have a hasty meal from McDonald's

12pm-1pm Photoshoot for our Feasibility Study's magazine requirement
That's where the photo above came from. Had fun with my team mates and got ourselves good takes. All photos by Hanabelle:

At the Loyola Hall
The earthlings are at the soccer field!
1pm-3pm Religion class
Where our teacher suddenly announced that we can't have our planned outreach program at the Home for the Aged this Sunday so we would do it this day instead, right after class.

3pm-4pm Outreach program on the streets of Divisoria,
Apparently we bought Mcburgers, only a few were given out. But there were only few street children milling about anyway. We walked a long way. I gave my share to a mother and her two young daughters. Even if I've already done this a few years back, I still feel happy seeing the happiness in their eyes with such simple gift.
Also got to know more about some of my classmates on the way back to school. Too bad we only got the chance to befriend each other when the semester is almost at end.

4pm-5pm Went back home to get my mother's employment records then back to the city to have them scanned.

6pm Finally got back home and ate ice cream!
Ube Ice cream by Nestle

Despite the hardships and journey I have to endure...yesterday, I find the day amazing and happy. I wasn't in my complaining mood and was actually feeling good. Thanks to all those people who have made my life colorful!

September 21, 2013

Surprisingly Mean Celebrities?

I was browsing thorugh a few reddit pages when I happen to came upon this Askreddit post:

Now, this subreddit is just full of good questions but this particular one is attention-grabbing so I decided to read through it. As expected, most of the replies are the usual "I asked for an autograph and he/she declined so he/she's a bitchy shit" shit. It's hard work to actually read legit sounding experiences with mean celebrities, without all the drama of being scorned by someone famous.

To sum them all up, Demi Lovato, Julia Roberts, and Anne Hathaway are apparently mean girls in real life. Lindsay Lohan is said to be bitchy too but her weirdness is more noteworthy, so it's not really clear which is the real thing. The most surprising I read about was Micheal Jordan is the default Horrible Dick in Real Life. Oh and that Rachel Ray "is a terrible human being".

In the neutral side, Emma Watson is extremely introverted/shy and Mariah Carrey is (not surprised here) is a total diva.

On the brighter side, Adam Sandler, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, John Mayer, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Taylor Swift, Mila Kunis, James Franco,Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alec Baldwin, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jeff Bridges, Dywane Johnson, Robin Williams are are ultra nice guys.

Last but not the least, Keanu Reeves is a saint.

Well, these are not my experiences or opinions, it could be a full decade before I could even meet a Hollywood celebrity in person.

So to read how various experiences formed into conclusions, read the rest of the thread here.

September 20, 2013

Update: Forex, Sports and Books

First of all, I apologize for being absent in the past few days. This week had been our school's intramurals and for what could be the first time ever, our school decided to give three days for us students to support our colleges! Last year we had classes while a soccer game was going on outside so this was  such a much loved decision.

So anyway, the theme this year is "Ruby Olympics". The week started off with the cheer dance competition. Though our college was last year's champions, we failed to get the top place this time. But everything's still good since all of the colleges gave their best show. Soccer and basketball proved to be the most popular among the students, and the individual sports have also acquired ggood-sized crowds. In general, I enjoyed the games we've watched. Tomorrow, there would be a Mr. & Ms. Intramurals 2013 pageant too, right before the closing ceremonies.

so fucking excited for this one
After all these I'm back to reality though. How I wish to question the reality of reality, but I can't. It's all real and I need to finish doing my FOREX project as soon as possible. It's our only major project this semester and I badly need good grades. But unfortunately I'm having trouble trading since I still have no idea how to do this stuff:

So this is... the marketing course I signed up for?
WAIT, I still have good news
I'm reading again!!! Not that I've literally stopped, but after a long while, I finally got a good title to immerse myself in. It's no other than Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Dubbed as the second most influential book in the world, just right behind the Bible. I have no idea what to expect as I opened it though but I am still pleasantly surprised. Right at the first chapter I am already bombarded with tons of philosophical ideas. Simply A.Mazing. I'm not done with it yet, but I've browsed the web for it and saw a quote:
"To love a woman for her virtues is meaningless. She's earned it, it's a payment, not a gift. But to love her for her vices is a real gift, unearned and undeserved. To love her for her vices is to defile all virtue for her sake - and that is a real tribute of love, because you sacrifice your conscience, your reason, your integrity and your invaluable self-esteem."
I am not yet on this part of the book, but this quote is just so damn good and could stand by itself. Like I said, the book offers so many ideas it's hard to track of them. People were right Atlas Shrugged is truly influential.

Between reading thick novels and trading dollars and cheering for strangers, I still need to finish another paper too and we have this upcoming final exams and the future looks hazy and shit. So I'll be busy for awhile but I will get back here as soon as I'm done with my  priorities =)

September 14, 2013

Link Feature: 3 Websites to "Waste" Time

Time is gold as the saying goes, but most of us tend to forget its importance and take me for example. I usually spend hours on Tumblr or 9gag, but that results to me forgetting about online projects, or just leave me feeling guilty of having wasted my time on pictures of cute cats,
Now, I promised to myself that if I ever had a lazy mood and only had internet for company, I could at least put that time to good use. So let me share to you my three favorite websites to help us waste time effectively:


Easily one of most popular humor sites online. Everybody knows about them and the only introduction I could give it that they share knowledge in a funny way.
Cracked had been quite lucky with their viewers all these years and had given itself a makeover, making the entire page easier to navigate compared to its older self. Another good improvement is that the writers are now updating almost everyday so visitors could always expect to find another note-worthy article to look forward to.
Some favorite articles:
-The 15 Most Shameless Fake Photos Ever Passed Off as Real
-5 Things Movie Trailers Need to Stop Doing


Focusing mainly on Kpop, Kdramas, plus a dash of Jpop and fangirls on the side, AsianJunkie has always been my favorite Asian Entertainment website. I've been reading their articles for years, and despite the internet humor and troll-poking celebrities, they still managed to discuss the issues effectively. It could be from controversies, hilarious fan comments, new singles, and even G Dragon's fashion sense and this constant crusades against creepy fangirls and fanboys. Lastly, they're pretty useful to keep up with the asian entertainment news.
Some favorite articles:
-Perfume reveal new album art for ‘LEVEL 3′, a new song ’1mm’, and Kashiyuka’s forehead
-New K-Pop Groups Likely Victims Of Impending Market Correction Due To Oversaturation
-Top 5 Best C-Pop Artists For Virgin Ears


Learning is constant, but doing research on your own is shitty. But since Listverse exist, I am at peace. Covering science, society, history and more, their articles share Top 10 of every topic, summarized and understandable. You could already learns tons of stuff just reading through them in an hour. They are a bit similar to Cracked, a serious version is more direct to the point.
Some interesting articles:
-Top 20 Human Cannibals by Country (yep it's not always Top 10)
-10 Innovative Pieces of Technology That Failed Miserably
-10 Extreme Examples of Gender Inequality

September 12, 2013

Something to Watch Out For: Harry Potter Spin Off Films!!

Kevin Tsujihara, Chief Executive Officer of Warner Bros. Entertainment announced that there would be an expanded partnership with best-selling author J.K. Rowling. So what are these guys going to to create this time? Apparently turning the Harry Potter's Hogwarts textbook "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" into a film! Now I'm puking rainbow. 

There's more: This project is planning a film series, J.K. Rowling would also serve as the screenwriter and everything is still set in the wizarding world and will feature magical creatures and characters familiar to each and everyone of the muggle fans. 
"It all started when Warner Bros. came to me with the suggestion of turning 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' into a film, I thought it was a fun idea, but the idea of seeing Newt Scamander, the supposed author of 'Fantastic Beasts,' realized by another writer was difficult. Having lived for so long in my fictional universe, I feel very protective of it and I already knew a lot about Newt. As hard-core Harry Potter fans will know, I liked him so much that I even married his grandson, Rolf, to one of my favourite characters from the Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood. As I considered Warners’ proposal, an idea took shape that I couldn't dislodge. That is how I ended up pitching my own idea for a film to Warner Bros.
Although it will be set in the worldwide community of witches and wizards where I was so happy for seventeen years, 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world. The laws and customs of the hidden magical society will be familiar to anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or seen the films, but Newt's story will start in New York, seventy years before Harry's gets underway.
-J.K. Rowling
And I thought everything ended with the Deathly Hollows, I remember fantasizing about a sequel or something. But now, since 're having this, count me in! It's such an amazing idea, and I hope that even after these films would come to fruition they will start on making a series for...the stories of Hogwart's founders. Hey I could dream on! I mean I don't think people actually saw a spin off coming right? There is hope.

September 11, 2013

What To Wear for the Lower Half

The following scans from a Japanese magazine. But since I have no idea where these exactly came from (I mean just look at all those magazines, it's impossible to search through them all), I decided to save the scans and share them here. First things first, each row shows different types of legs, and the columns signify the shoes, skirts, leggings and jeans used by the models. With the chart you could identify which combinations look good on certain types of legs. From what I could decipher:
Bad         OK        ◯ Good
Please be reminded too that the magazine's fashion sense does not necessarily mean it would be the same for others. So just chill away and be calm if you happen to disagree with one of the combinations below.

Shoes + Shorts / Skirts
Tights + Skirts
Quite comprehensive, I hope I'll be able to unearth an upper body version soon.

September 08, 2013

My Favorite Pinoy Snacks

We all have that soft weak spot for a delicious, mouth watering, unhealthy junk food, right? All those sweets and chips inside foil packs are the real vices in the world of food. You can never go wrong with its good taste and memorable crunching experience. Thus I will never judge my fellow junkie-loving people out there, whether you're fat or slim, we have all fallen as victims to craving junk food once in a while. Guilty pleasure at its best.

Now let me talk about Philippines. In a most unique way, Filipinos are the exact opposite of bulk buyers. Everything's got to be sold off in smaller quantities. The same thing goes for the chips and candies a.k.a. Tsitsiryas! In fact my earliest childhood memories consist of my chubby self eating from small packets I bought myself using my savings from the piggy bank. It is not surprising that my love for junk foods is still very much present today.

However, I have this love-hate relationship with unhealthy snacks due to their...unhealthiness. My immune system's getting jealous, so sometimes junk foods and I broke up, sometimes we are shamelessly doing PDA. But today, Tsitsiryas and I are getting together once more! I want to share to you my favorite snacks from the local groceries:

September 06, 2013

Looking Back is Hard

I was browsing through my old DeviantArt account a while ago when I decided to read my old journal entries. I was in for a surprise since I realized from the way I write that was one crazy human. It's really scary and I am grateful to all the gods of the Earth and all the stars and aliens in the heavens above that somehow, I've changed for the better.

First, all I could talk about was Arashi. I still love them now, but I was such a batshit crazy fanatic back then. Plus I talked like I truly believed that I will meet and certainly marry Ohno Satoshi and shit. I wonder how my friends were able to survive me all those years, seriously this made me appreciate them more. If I were aware of what I was doing then, I would hide myself in the deepest fucking abyss and delete my existence from reality

Third scary discovery is my "Like" phase. My paragraphs consists mainly of "I was like, then I was like, it was really cool like umg she said she's this like wut and I was like wat da fuq dud he's like and she was like and I was like umg umg and everyone was like wat do?"

Kill me. Somebody kill me now.

But on the bright side, these recollections are hilarious if you think about it. I also did generous features of fellow Deviant artists and I still love those artworks now, nothing changed in my preference for drawings. Plus. I saw an old pic of mine! Must have taken it three years ago:

All you've read in this post is our dirty little secret

Music for the Day: Still Cover by JMM (Micheal Shimamoto and Henri Roberto Mauricio)

Because I  just came from our class retreat and this cover really made a mark on me, especially since it is one of my favorite songs from Hillsong =)

September 01, 2013

Day 7- talk about your idol and how they influence you

Idols who influenced me? Eh, I idolize tons of guys and gals out there, but I don't think I worship their footsteps enough to create a teeny tiny bit of influence in me. I mean, I don't see any improvement or resemblance on myself that could be compared to those people. But for the sake of content, I will just have to enumerate my fave people, regardless of effect. Inspiration time:

Jonathan Carroll
, I absolutely love this guy, his books are the best thing that ever made its way to Earth. One of my serious frustrations in life was that his books don't get the attention they deserve, and when I say attention, I mean becoming top bestseller in every country with movie adaptations. He's that good. The way he writes makes me want to meet his characters in real life. He's also notorious for the weird things that's happening inside his novels too. Like Neil Gaiman said, Jonathan Carrol "has the magic" 

Audrey Hepburn! She died the year I was born. Yep a constant disappointment. Anyway just absolutely adore her, she's really beautiful, the epitome of a woman's timeless elegance. Even during her later years, she's still stunning. In the time where plastic surgery is a total stranger, natural beauties like her truly shine.

Natalie Portman makes this list too. Incidentally, she looks like Audrey hahaha. This time however, it's not only her beauty I admire, but her brains. Wait I'm not saying I don't like Audrey Hepburn's brains too, it's nt like that, it's just that Portman's is a little bit on higher tier compared to most humans. A research assistant at Harvard, fluent in five languages and has also pursued graduate studies, all the while making movies. Like whoa girl, just whoa.

Michio Kaku. Cool guy, I've always been delighted with the notion of parallel universes and the Quantum physics. He made me love this complicated part of science and very understandable. People should try to listen to him once in a while.

As for now, these are my idols. I'm sure I still have a few more but these guys just make it to the top spot.


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