May 09, 2012

Horikoshi Gakuen, High School of the Famous

One of Japan's famous schools, Horikoshi Gakuen, located in Tokyo’s Nakano district, is famous known for its students: The elite and the highly capable artists. To make entrance into this high school, the students have to be sons or daughters of families capable of paying the tuition fee or smart enough to have a full scholarship or be a self employed Japanese idol.

Their program for celebrities called as TRAIT is as important as it is well known. This is to make the student not give up on their studies, at the same time, their life in the entertainment industry can be taken care of. Therefore, this high school is a popular among the idols of Japan.

Some things a student should know:

1. Piercing, Earrings and make up are prohibited.

2. Dating is strictly prohibited. Boys and Girls have different entrance routes. If discovered, they will order them to break up th relationship. If not, they will be expelled. In the campus, boys and girls cannot talk to each other easily. Being always together might be suspicious enough for the teachers
3. Ipods, Boombox, or any unwanted materials not related to the academics or clubs is prohibited. Use of cellphones is limited. They are only allowed to use at specific times

4. The school is filled with CCTVs in order to protect the idols and wealthy students in the campus.

5. Students are not allowed to eat snacks inside the school nor buying of snacks on the way home. If they will, he/she would be in for detention.

6. The fee for the students in TRAIT course (aka Entertainment Course) is really expensive. Horikoshi adjusts to keep up with the student’s schedule, and protects the his/her privacy, With this traditional and strict program the students in this course will have to pay the specified amount of money. At the same time, the student must be an artist.

7. Also if a TRAIT student needs to dye the hair for that period of time, they will have to fill in a form, stating how long they will be in the colour. After that, they will have to dye it black.

8. Some new rules starting January 15, 2010. The artist will be supervised by teachers as bodyguards, even they had already brought their own bodyguards. Regular students are not allowed to speak with the Sports Idols / Artists during breaks or outside school. When caught, he/she will be fined, detained or expelled.

9. An Artist / Idol will be arriving at school by car, and bodyguards wait outside the classroom. This artist will be accompanied by bodyguards even at rest. Regular class pupils can not be in the same class with the celebrities nor can they speak or befriend the artist because the bodyguards only allow conversations with classmates and people who work with the artist. The Artist / Idol should not be talking to people who are not artists. If this rule is violated, he/she will be excluded from school.

 Horikoshi Gakuen is divided into 4 classes:

1. University-For the University students

2. Sports-Classes for students are well known in the field of sports (athletes)

3. Classes for Artists / TRAIT for the singers, actors, idols, etc.

4. Class Scholarships- For Scholars

School Fees
  • Examination fee: 30,000 Yen
  • Admission fee: 450,000 Yen
  • School Fee(every year): 546,000 Yen
  • Fee per year: 996,000 Yen
  • First Year Fee: 1,296,000 Yen
Some of the Notable Graduates
  • Yamashita Tomohisa
  • Matsumoto Jun
  • Toma Ikuta
  • Inagaki Goro
  • Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
  • Tsuyoshi Domoto
  • Ayukawa Taiyou
  • Tegoshi Yuya
  • Miura Haruma
  • Tomoka Kurokawa
  • Tanaka Koki
  • Hikaru Yaotome
  • Arioka Daiki
  • Shirota Yuu
  • Yabu City
  • Yuto Nakajima
  • Ryosuke Yamada
  • Yuri Chinen
  • Koike Teppei
  • Rina Yamashita
  • Kyoko Fukada
  • Aya Ueto
  • Anne Suzuki
  • Aoi Yuu
  • Ayana Sakai
  • Ai Kato
  • Jun Hasegawa
  • Perfume
  • Masami Nagasawa
  • Shida Mirai
  • Arioka Daiki
  • Suzuka Ohgo
  • Nishii Yukito
  • Shougo Sakamoto
  • Ryunosuke Kamiki
  • Ayano Hayashi
  • Irie Jingi
  • Saaya Irie
  • Morimoto Ryutaro
  • Kawashima Umika
  • Mizuzawa Nako
  • Asami Tanaka
  • Mariya Nishiuchi
Visit this link to learn more of the famous students, from the world of Sports, Culture and performing Arts that studied in Horikoshi Gakuen through the years


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  2. Shit happens....I go there...It's my first year and I can't talk to them. My friend even wanted an autograph. Lol no. NEVA!

  3. It's a great school but, it's so unfair ! Why does the regular students cannot befriend the artists!? So unfair ! And why does, only rich kids can study there?! Does only rich kids have the right to become artists?! Does it mean that poor people don't have the rights to become an artists!? Ugh ! So UNFAIR !

    1. "Does only rich kids have the right to become artists?! Does it mean that poor people don't have the rights to become an artists!?"

      Well this school isn't really an art school, just an expensive HS that has special programs for idols so they could continue their studies.

      Plus it's safer for idols to get away from fans while studying, fangirls are usually distracting and might unintentionally harm the artists physically

  4. Yeah! I actually want 2 study there 2 but i guess that can NEVER happen..... I'm from the Philippines and it said SMART AND RICH! I wish i could be a scholar!!! :( :(

  5. Is there a point to any of these restrictions?

  6. sorry but where is the point of all the restrictions?? please! It´s a great school but.. it's so unfair.. if you aren´t rich you can´t enter... just mindfuck ._./

  7. The super successful singer Nana Mizuki was there as well.

  8. I actually thought these type of schools only exist in fan fictions and then I got all excited but when I saw the rules and the price of tuition fee, my excitement suddenly got so low. Examination fee is 30,000 yen? Oh wow. That's like already half of the tuition fee we're paying in our school. I would work hard to be a scholar if restrictions aren't that so I don't know, too 'restricted' or something. lol I wonder how normal students feel to be in that school. :<

  9. this school is so mch like shinwa LOL

  10. I'm from America. Chicago ,IL to be specific. I'm an athlete. I'll probably contact them and see if I can get in. I'll let you guys know. Btw, I'm only a sophomore in highschool too lol.💪🏾👍🏾

  11. I'm from America. Chicago ,IL to be specific. I'm an athlete. I'll probably contact them and see if I can get in. I'll let you guys know. Btw, I'm only a sophomore in highschool too lol.💪🏾👍🏾

  12. Je suis française et je cherche une école japonaise pour idole, je ne suis qu'au collège en 5ème, mais quand je regarde le pris chaque année. Sérieux, il faut payer plus de 4 millions d'euros français pour rentrer dans cette école non mais laisse tomber sérieux... Moi en tout cas je vais me chercher une autre école et français/japonaise comme ça je pourrai continué ma carrière :( :)

    1. I'm French and I'm looking for a Japanese school idol , I am only in 5th college, but when I look taken each year. Seriously, you have to pay more than 4 million euros for French return to this school but not serious ... I dropped in any case I 'm going to get another school and French / Japanese so I can continue my career :( :)

    2. 4 millions d'euros t'es sûre? 1 yen ça fait pas vraiment 1 euro...

  13. People look only at those that succeed not at those that fail. I'm spilling wisdom for you people here. ��������

  14. Who's the third guy from the photo right next to rules 3 and 4 because I swear I've seen him in a film somewhere, but I cannot recall?

  15. Every child must learn so much of what it is to be a social being. The system like putting up a barrier among the students is like teaching them to see humanity in different levels. Schools must be a venue to learn academically and about life in general. Every student must be able to express their feelings and experience life accordingly. I pity the normal students for making them feel disaggregated. I also pity the idol students as well for their limited access in the world, they spent so much of their lives working and fronting cameras and letting themselves seen on tv but they were given least opportunity to see the beauty that the world can offer. though i feel sympathy on those students but what i pity most is the management for not realizing what education really means.