January 28, 2013

The Romantic Escapades of Ohno Satoshi

Ohno Satoshi, the fisherman, artist and everything else. Over the years, I've personally observed the increasing number of Ohno fans among Arashi stalkers. Which is kind of cool since he's also my favorite. But together with his ever changing hairstyle, Ohno also had his own number of girls as the years went by, some with fellow entertainers, others are girls we, as fans, would never get to know about. But of course we all know Ohno only shares his soul with Kazunari Nino, but I guess we still need to know who these girls were.

Let us see how Ohno tackled them~
Younger years, Saya chan
Ohno's first love that he met during their fifth year in promary school. He asked her to go out with him, though we wil never get to know what happened afterwards. Like most elementary school first loves though, the next school year, Ohno saw Saya-chan moved and changed schools [1]. The feeeeeels
It must have been a fond memory for our old man, anyway it was rumored that they crossed passed again in Setagaya last 2006, after so many years. Awww

1997- 1998 The Older Dancer 
The best known girlfriend rumor it seems. Remember Ohno was spending his trainee days in Kyoto, and he wasn't as famous then apart from being a junior in acting in stageplays, thus having this rumor going around in wide speculation is such a big deal.. There are soooo many variations of this story, seriously, but I'll just gather the important points. 

When he was in Kyoto, he started going out with an older girl who was a back-up dancer of Kyo to Kyo. The dancer had a child ( Some even claim that it was even Ohno's ) when they first met and was a single parent. They dated for a good 2 years but broke up when Ohno went back to Tokyo, and the thing with Arashi came up.[1]

On few occasions, Ohno had mentioned in interviews that he had this experience where he broke up with a girl not because they no longer cared for each other, ( But due to other circumstances ?) One time, he also mentioned how heartbroken he was of one relationship it took him almost two years to get over with. It was also common knowledge how Ohno has said that he likes and/or that he has had a period in his life where he was attracted to older women. Gyaaa I envy that girl, wherever she is now, at least Ohno loved her.

Unknown, Mika
2chan has talked about this certain girl calling herself "Mika" and was Ohno's girlfriend over the years. She is meant to be the long-term girlfriend of Ohno's from Kyoto time and was gotten pregnant by him. Some say that she is just a deranged Ohno fan and started the rumor herself. Others believe that she was real. [1] This rumor has been one of the most persistent an recurring one online and it is said that it was presumably Mika herself who posted things which contained private and detailed work-related information such as Ohno's work location, work schedule etc. 

2005 These Women

So in the midst of Maou and Arashi whatevers The entertainment industry was stunned when Shuukan Gendai published photos of Ohno with girls with allegations of marijuana use. 
Girls. Sexy girls. Marijuana. A Johnny idol. Scandal!!!

Obviously it had been a noisy month of July for Ohno. He had admitted to fooling around with the girls but denied the marijuana thing. Then Poof! Johnny's took the matter in their own hands, so allegations of photoshop came out. JE then went to calm down the major tv stations and newpapers instantly and canceled the yearly JE calendar publishing rights with Kodansha (Shuukan Gendai's publisher)

However, everyone stopped their breaths when Ohno was warned by the commercial sponsors about what happened.[7] Ohno even apologized to his Maou costars and production team. It must have been gnawing on his conscience when this came up.

2003-2008 Kimika Yoshino

According to Friday magazine, the pics were taken during the later part of 2007. This became a dating 'scandal' for Ohno, since it sure doesnt look like edited and our Riidaa is obviously holding the camera.
Ohno and Kimika first met in stage play "Sengokupuu" in 2003. They became good friends and ever since they'd often go out for drinks and stuff. People who are close to them also say that her more energetic performances in her projects may be attributed to having met Ohno.[1] We should look at Kimika's love life before Ohno to understand this statement. Back in 1999, she was in a serious relationship with Nagura Jun of the comedy trio Neptune and were about to be married but they broke up and Nagura married another woman. Kimika then disappeared for a while. It seems to point out that meeting Ohno had been a positive influence on her.[2] [3]

Kimika apparently used to write about Ohno in her blog calling  him a "friend". One of her blog entries contained a photo of a Mentai Doll (some tourist souvenir thing from Fukuoka area) - which she supposedly got from Ohno who was in Fukuoka doing a concert around the same time as the blog post. 
We don't know how their relationship went, all I could say is, they looked so happy together. Since all this No-Girlfriend-Thing-Before-You're-Thirty is getting on my nerves, I'm more happy than envious seeing a grinning Ohno with a girl.

2008 Minami Hirase
Another pretty persistent rumor with occasional "sightings" of them dating reported on online discussion board such as 2channeru and others...some newspapers and gossip mags have also reported Ohno & Minami dating rumors (and breaking up rumors)[1]

2011 Koda Misono

According to a January 2011 article by Tokyo Sports, Ohno Satoshi was seen meeting up with singer-songwriter, Koda Misono, often in Roppongi area of Tokyo. The two apparently started this behaviour in the later half of 2010. It is still unclear if the two are dating since there are no photographic evidence. [5]
It also makes my mind numb on making up scenes on how they met, how, if the rumors are true, did they had a relationship and all. 

Koda Misono has appeared in some of Arashi’s variety shows, like Himitsu no Arashi-chan and in VS Arashi, I don't think anything is weird between them. But then we must remember that Nakai Masahiro and Misono's sister Koda Kumi had a thing too, so it's possible Ohno and Misono met outside work and public eye. However this rumor died as fast as it began, 

I don't think it is even close to reality especially since Misono is now linked with V6′s Morita Go [6], which actually have more credibility than the gossip with Ohno

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  2. thanks for finishing off with details of Riida!! They have all been very satisfying to read!!

  3. If I recall correctly, the 3-some rumor, albeit published in 2008, was supposed to have happened around 2005. ;) :3

    1. Thanks for the information! I'll edit it as soon as possible =D

  4. Thanks for all the information!

  5. Thank u for sharing the info. Someone mentioned how suprised she is when she knew that Mizukawa Asami is staring in Pikanchi 2.5. I don't understand why it is a suprise, so I googled it. And here I am.

    Regarding on Ohno, I think there's a rumour last year that he's having an affair with one of the Funky Girls named Meriam. He visited Meriam's place quite often. The jimusho doens't like this, however. And this is said to be the reason why Funky Girls is no more involved in AniShi.

    I'm not sure if this is true. But I'm quite happy when I know Ohno is having affair with a girl. I was quite worried when the members said in one of Utaban episode that Ohno's interest in girls has decreasing.

    1. Thank you.
      Sorry to burst the bubble but that one about the Funky Girl was just last year's April Fool's prank by the lovely people of aramatheydidnt.

    2. Eehhh!! I keep on believing it for the whole one year! Hahaha~

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  6. I thought I'd be more upset after reading this, but seeing him smiling with Kimika Yoshino brought a smile to my face. Whatever his past relationships were, I hope he ends up happy - married, dating, or single, whichever he decides.