February 06, 2014

On Winters and Finnick

I've got a busy schedule this week. It's getting worse. Between surprise quizzes and joining our school's job fair, it's simply outlandish how the teachers still managed to add more requirements whose deadlines are around a week before the exams! So last weekend, to chill myself, I decided to watch Catching Fire and Frozen.

I've got to say that I absolutely love the Hunger Games trilogy, but I wasn't able to watch the second movie last year because Christmas is an expensive season that makes everybody dirt poor. So I was so damn excited when I finally get to watch it last Saturday. Not surprisingly, they were once more faithful to the book. I don't remember much but it all came back to me as the plot progressed. It's cool to see the events unfold on the big screen like it did in my imagination while reading it years ago. However only Finnick Odair made a dent in my mind. The gorgeous, pretty, mesmerizing Finnick Odair:

Thank you Catching Fire for showering us with these eye candies

The weird thing was fans were against Sam Claflin when his casting first made news. This was the guy who played Philip Swift in Pirates of the Caribbean and William in Snow White and the Huntsman. Just what are you fangirls mad about? He did well in his past projects and he's so damn pretteh. It's very much like what happened to the casting of Fifty Shades of Grey, fans throwing a tantrum just because their disappointed hormones have standards. Sheesh.

Apart from enjoying Catching Fire, I also had my share of immense shock when I learned about Philip Seymour Hoffman's sudden death the next day. FUCK It's the creepiest thing ever, a huge blow for me of course and quite unbelievable. Even if I have no idea about his other works apart from being a believable game master in Catching Fire, I hope he's in a good place somewhere.

So now, let's move on to Frozen. This is my second viewing since I want my mother to see the film too. I enjoy the feels and "Let it Go" is still ringing inside my skull. It's a drug. If you poke around a bit on Facebook or Tumblr, you could see that the film's popularity is still pretty strong. My mother in particular adores Olaf! Everybody loves that little snow man.

And this screencap is continues to be strangely hilarious
One trend I observed was singing the soundtrack in different dialects. Disney themselves had officially released their multi-language version of the feature song "Let It Go" recently and I believe that this triggered the countless cover videos found in Youtube. The Filipino ones were hysterical as well. It's making rounds in my Facebook news feed at this very moment and shows no signs of slacking off. Yet, although Frozen proved to be awesome and is quite popular (the likes which were last seen during The Lion King days) Tangled remains as my all-time favorite Walt Disney Classics film. Not that I'm comparing the two as competitors, it's just that unlike Frozen, I could watch Tangled again and again and again and still be sucked willingly into the colorful world of Corona.

That officially closes my movie viewing for the films released in 2013. One good year for the big screen, I hope to be equally entertained this year too.

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