July 10, 2014

Heartache, Furbies and Employment

Man, it's been a while. I really miss updating this blog and stroking the smooth surface of my Acer laptop. But alas! The computer's still in a coma since the people who tried repairing it said that its motherboard is beyond fucked up and needs to be replaced. It would take a few more weeks because they have to contact the techie guys from Manila. Though seeing my dead Acer still hurts, my only consolation was that the hardisk survived.

Fortunately I'm now busy with work. A good friend gave up his job and gave it to me so he could pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer of some sort. A lot of my friends actually went to law school after graduation so I knew how busy they all could be. Now, I'm a marketing assistant in a medium sized company.

Anyway this is just a short update about meself. Life's a bit peaceful these days so I'm just going to share my latest acquisition as the only exciting thing that took place this week:

Yep! It's one of McDonald's Happy Meals. Furby Boom had been making its rounds around international McDonalds branches and now it's finally here in Philippines. Though the options are fewer, I still would love to acquire them all. The first one I got is Googly Eyes Furby whose eyes obviously bounces around inside its socket.

Yep, simply adorable, I'll expand this collection next time I get back here!  Sorry I wasnt able to but all of them. Apparently I wasn't the only one who saw them Furbies as cute. To be fair I wasn't the only adult who was hollering for a Happy Meal, so please dont judge me with this. Haha

See you soon!