May 13, 2012

Meet the Family

JE boys are notorious for having mysterious lives outside the entertainment industry. Mainly due to the agency's strict rules and regulations. Secrecy covers the family members. If I were an idol of course, I will not want to have my own loved ones stalked by fangirls.

But anyway, since we are normal fans,
I guess its alright to get to know them a little bit.

FIRST OFF: Ohno Satoshi
We all know how Ohno's mother became the reason behind his success, how Ohno loved his mom sooo much he dedicated one of his artworks to her, obviously a huge influence on him. Also there's his older sister who is currently married.

Ohno gets to talk about these two on TV once in a while. Years ago, a photo was found that is allegedly his mother, but some say it was just a fan/actress who looks incredibly like Ohno's mom, well if it is she or not, at least we could have a nice mental image of her already right?

Another one is supposedly Ohno's sister appearing in one of his mini Jr  drama during his junior days. I have seen the video and both of them only played minor roles in that few minutes of drama. They both have cute round heads though, so who knows?

NEXT IN LINE Aiba Masaki
Aiba was with his grandparents (his grandpa is rumored to be a landlord) when was young since his parents were busy in their then newly opened Chinese resto named "Keikarou". His father cooks too and Arashi members seem to know his mom.

And let us not forget Aiba's younger brother. 4 years his junior. He's now happily married much to Aiba's surprise.

NEXT STOP Sho Sakurai
His father is a government official and his mother is a professor at a prestigious women's college (as well as an heiress to a huge company). this is one professional family.

Sho's father's name is supposed to be Shun Sakurai with a political title  "Director General, Radio Department Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)" It might have changed now since a government employee tends to be promoted. The amazing thing is, their faces have strong similarities.

Sho's mom Yoko Sakurai, is said to be a Komazawa University professor (?)

His younger sister Mai had worked at NTV too, I have no news about Sho's younger brother though
UPDATE: A Sakurai Shuu was uncovered online and from Keio's rugby team. RUGBY

NOW Jun Matsumoto
Aww now the youngest child in his family, I have no idea what jobs his parents have. We have no photos of Jun's parents. Everything's so hush hush.

But I guess Jun's mom must be pretty or have a nice body for her age since Koyama once had mistaken her for Jun's girlfriend when he saw them together once. Jun then proceeded to introduce him to his father too.
Anyway, we have pics of Jun's older sister, Megumi Matsumoto:

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST Ninomiya Kazunari
From Wiki: His father and mother were both working as chefs when they met and his sister is two years older than he is. His parents divorced early and his father left the family soon after. When Ninomiya was born, his grandfather immediately came home and named him the heir to the family's windshield factory since he was his grandfather's only grandson.

People are also saying Nino's father is bald. I don't know what to do with that information, but i suddenly remember Homer's words to Bart:

Homer: [strangling Bart] "BOY! MUST! DIE!"
Bart: "I love you, Dad!"
Homer: "D'oh! [stops strangling] Dirty trick. Okay, I'm not going to kill you, but I'm going to tell you three things that are gonna haunt you for the rest of your days. You've ruined your father, you've crippled your family, and [louder] BALDNESS IS HEREDITARY!"
Bart: "It is?!"

It's a colorful family life eh? I remember his parents (or just his mom? not sure) wanted him to join JE so he could be away from his baseball team (supposedly Bad Influence)

As for his older sis, Nino mentioned in one of his interviews more than a year ago that she is still unmarried...
Again no pics, no other info. Sorry

So yeah here it is Jstorm's Family, if you ever get to chance
upon them on a street, dont hesitate to smile and wave



  1. I'm pretty sure Jun's father works/ed in a chicken-related factory. Nothing goes for his mother though and I think Jun is the most tight-lipped in Arashi when it comes to his family (or his private life for that matter).

  2. I just realized that Sho's brother has sloping shoulders..

  3. a few years ago, like 5 yrs ago i think, the rumor that nino's parents not divorced was squashed. fans assumed they were because nino once said he rarely see his dad but it was because his dad, who is a chef also, was frequently travelling. dont quote me on this because i just read it in one blog. it was squashed because of what nino said from his interview few years back.

  4. Im just laughing looking at June chibi pics,they are so cute and his sister is so pretty����❤