May 09, 2012

Unique Suggestions for your Bucket List

We all know what a Bucket List is. Seen the movie, made one for ourselves. We all even have our own similarities. Write a Novel, Go Around the World etc., etc.

But there would always be that small space in your list in which you are saving for a very unique, amazing, not necessarily life changing, goal you want to achieve before your death, and the hard part is indentifying what that is.

In this blogpost, I present to you a few suggestions, you could do some research on, to spice up your Bucket List. Keep Calm and Have Fun!!

  • Whistle with Your Fingers- Anyone can learn to whistle, but it takes patience and practice to do it by your fingers, are you up for the challenge?
  • Learn to Juggle- Hey you could become an expert juggler someday, and it does not end with balls, yep you could even use rings, clubs, oh and try doing knives too
  • Memorize the first 50 digits of PI
  • Learn an Ancient Language- Latin's not the only old school lingo out there. There's Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Sanskrit and whole lot more. The problem lies on finding yourself a mentor, but hey, there's no harm in trying.
  • Learn Pen Spinning- Because blessing a normal pen with a different role other than writing or stabbing is nice, especially if it helps keep the boredom away.
  • Learn ASL- Communication. It is such a beautiful word.
  • Ventriloquism- It is never easy, and it forces you to make witty and hilarious conversations with yourself, don't worry it would all be worth it.
  • Learn Pitman. Teeline and Gregg Shorthand- Time is what we lack nowadays, and you want to remember something, jot it down using these shorthand methods and you are on your way.
  • Learn Sindarin- Tolkein created a whole world....and a language, let us take advantage.
  • Do Lucid Dreaming- You wanna feel that Inception thing? Do this. Seriously. It consists of being relaxed and sometimes you might end up just sleeping peacefully, but determination might get you there.
  • Shave your head- And grow your hair back
  • Download an Ebook and Print it- Do this with banned books or classic/ rare ones.
  • Smile for One Whole Day- Oh look she's nagging at me, smile. Oh look I just lost the train, smile.
  • Recite the English Alphabet Backwards- Unnecessary, but this is not just a walk in the park, so useful or not, getting this one would still be something worth celebrating.
  • Cosplay your Favorite Fictional Character- Thou shall not fear cosplay. Try it and make sure you genuinely love the character you are cosplaying and at the same time suits you.
  • Unlock an Iphone- Do it.
  • Hide a File Behind a JPEG- Be a ninja, cyber style, just before you die.
  • Become a Human Calendar- Needs lots of memorization but this skill is actually handy.
  • Join NaNoWriMo- WRITE A NOVEL. How long have you dreamed of doing this and not getting anywhere? join nanowrimo this year and force yourself have a 50000 word novel by the end of the month.
  • Do whatever You Wrote in your Bucket List- Action is better than words.

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