March 19, 2013

Anyone Excited for Hidamari no Kanojo ?

Matsumoto Jun is finally paired up with Ueno Juri in a romance movie! So excited or this one. The film, which will open in October this year, is based on the popular romance novel of the same name by author Koshigaya Osamu. It’s said to be the number one love story girls want boys to read, such reputation, we could assume these readers might have high expectations for the film.
The story follows the romance of a salesman, Kosuke (Matsumoto) and childhood friend Mao (Ueno) and their decision to marry. However, Mao is keeping a secret... But for now, let us google at the photos of the two characters looking good together~

Yay! A new movie to look forward to since Rurouni Kenshin~ I just love the two of them, <3 <3

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