March 16, 2013

Society at its Best?

There are countless ways to spend time online, my much preferred time-waster is reading old blogs. The treasures you'll uncover within these webpages, seriously, I once read a blog about this Arashi fan from Hong Kong, dated way back in 2001 and it was just heart warming. Anyway I'm not here to talk about Arashi though, I was doing my own jumping from one multiply blog to another when I found myself here.
Since it's about my country, I'm interested
He was able to copy an Anonymous comment from another blog that gave extra scoop in Philippine's social scene. This was during 2008, more than four years ago, but it's still a cool read, I never bothered myself with the rich and famous, but this is amusing.
 Anonymous said... (taken from
Manila's society is so riddled with the fakes. Just like in greenhills. Wasn’t Tina Ocampo deported from Europe for using a fake LV luggage? And isn’t the Ocampo couple notorious for not paying their suppliers? And to think they projects themselves to be in high society. This is another couple whose husband is gay.

There are so many of them. Its fun to watch them party and see them in social climbing magazines like the Philippine Tattler, the EIC of whom is the biggest fucking faggot social climber of them all, Anton San Diego. Wasn't he Raul Manzano's flavor of the month for sometime back in the 90’s? And wasn’t Raul the one who introduced him to the society crowd? Kitty Go’s description of him in her book is so accurate.

DJ used to claim he had a trust fund. But his mom didn’t trust him so there wouldn’t be a fund if there’s no trust diba? And there’s really no money to put in a fund. Better to put whatever they had in an ATM. There are some without the required ADB. They’re really not rich. Probably before, but now, they have no money. They’re the old rich but not rich anymore. The stigma of being rich just stuck with them. They’re really poor now. Believe me. What socialite lives in a godforsaken village in Paranaque?

When DJ used to own and run the aquario-raj-whatever restaurant group in malate, he used his investors’ moneys to clothe himself and his sister, Marvili. In fairness, she sacrificed a lot and worked her ass off running the chain for her brother while he pillaged the cash register for his habits. I hope she’s doing better now.

I read earlier that he scammed Consuelo Zamora, cousin of Cecile Zamora van Straten (whose dad, incidentally, is number 27 in Forbes list of 40 richest Pinoys). So true, I pity the girl, may she rest in peace. She was swindled of millions of pesos in investment which she never got back until she died. DJ, where did you spend the company’s money at that time? Coke, ugly branded clothes, trips….

Miguel Rosales, I agree, is a nice guy mixed up with the wrong crowd. But get to know him more and you’ll find out he has acquired the bitch attitude of his friends. Feeling diva!!! Not really good naman as an interior designer. All copies. Just like Ito Kish. Who incidentally is not part of the Gucci gang but am sure dying to be part of it. Another publicity-hungry-social-climbing-brand-conscious-sex-addict-lowlife who sleeps with anyone with a cock.

Hindy Weber-Tantoco is another bitch. She thinks just because she has Tantoco in her name, she reached the pinnacle of society. Actually Hindy, do you know that the Tantoco name (not Huangs of SSI) is so destroyed outside the Philippines? It owes so much money abroad that no other retailer would dare deal with you. But still, may naloloko pa din, just like DJ. So Hindy, stop acting like you can buy the whole world because you can’t really afford it bitch!!!

I never liked Celine Lopez. I use to live near her parents place in Dasma (clue) when she still stayed there. Modest size house. Ours is even bigger. But they got lotsa cars, more than ours. Her mom is a known whore in her time. She stole her dad from the first wife. Celine is smarter though. She will not marry Marcel for money. Get it without the contract, fuck him to make him happy, then leave him for another moneyed guy. Celine’s columns at the Star are trash, just like her. I wonder why the Star hires such people. When I saw DJ writing for the Star, I immediately knew he got the job because of Celine. So I stopped buying the Star because the quality of the writers have gone down. Plains & Prints should stick with Gretchen, her scandals are not of this proportion.

Then Tim Yap writes too. And he writes so that he could get payments for “endorsements” he does in his columns. He easily charges P200K to host an event and bring in the “crowd”. And he dupes companies into his schemes. He once refused to be part of a TV show because, according to him, “I’m not out as a gay person”. And the show required him to be gay, even unspoken. Who doesn’t know he’s gay? Puta TIM!!! Do you really think ang tanga-tanga namin??!!?? Tang ina ka talaga!!! Who do you think you are? Society’s shit is out in billboards. I gave Technomarines for Christmas, even if it was a lot more expensive than ODM’s. Just because you endorse ODM. Fuck your endorsements!!! I never patronize them anymore.

I apologize for naming names here but this is a blog that talks about the “social scene” in manila and the “wannabees” that liter here. And, it’s a free world anyway. I’ll write again when I get the time to read and write more dirt. Be entertained!!!
Goodness, all those people he/she named. I wonder if the commenter would still say the same things nowadays?? *shrugs*


  1. this is so, soooo juicy. i know all those people she mentioned and let me just say, OMG!! haha :D

    how entertaining!

  2. tangina, puro chaka naman yang mga tao na yan. alisan mo yang ng pera eh di hindi yan pinansin. pweh! they revolve around money, kaya konting umangat ibang tao sa kanila, nagiging ampalaya sila.