October 26, 2013

The Late Review: Pacific Rim

Finally finished watching Pacific Rim. Now don't get me wrong, I've seen it many months ago but only up to the part where two kaijus appeared. Over the weekend I was able to finished watching it once and for all and for those who told me it was shit, it was actually awesome you ungrateful assholes. It's an eye candy, monster edition, stop complaining.

Well of course to be fair, it has its long list of cons, that can't be helped. However I'm still seriously pissed to those who treat Pacific Rim as if it's the year's worst crap ever. Come on guys, stop with the exaggeration, it does not make you sound like an honorable movie critic. The film isn't perfect but it sure is enjoyable.

Now, since we've just talked about the downsides of the movie, might as well go on with it, here are the cons:

1. The acting seems off. Fortunately, Idris Elba saves the day. I was quite happy to see Ron Perlman too even if it was only for a minor role.

Thou shall not move.
Thou shall not move
2. Dearest Mako Mori, I love your bravery and stubbornness and all but I really am distracted by your hair. Not that it's bad, but I'm a girl too and I found myself worrying over your short bob for the rest of the movie. Seriously, I'd rather have you in a much simpler hair style.

3. The world government's only contribution to Jaegar-making is... Financial assistance. That's the main impression I got, then later on they told Pentecost that the robots are not effective anymore so they will just have to withdraw their helping hand in a few months. Like bitches, you actually think your wall is a better idea? del Toro should remember that world leaders in movies may have common sense too.

4. Why are there still civilians living near the Pacific? In the prologue it was stated that the people somehow overcame their fear of the monsters since they now have Jaegers and had became complacent later on. BULLSHIT. Those are aliens, huge motherfucking monsters trampling on buildings like spoiled brats, normal people won't just live on at the same place like they used to (unless of course if they're not stable in the head or something) Would have been more realistic if humanity have cowered in the middle of China-Russia and the Kaijus are still coming in.

5. Gipsy Danger survived because of the huge magic sword! Good job Mako for not forgetting about it. Maybe the others could have stood a chance if they remembered this secret weapon. OH WAIT, it's because they don't even have one! All they had was tiny knives and useless punching metal fists and my mind couldn't comprehend why.

Naturally I won't leave out the good parts. Here are the reasons why PR is my fave movie this year:
1. Remember that flying kaiju? I was pleasantly surprised. Made me howl like "FUUUUUCK!" Wait, then there's the jaeger sword making its appearance out of nowhere? Also remember when Pentecost walk out to be a jaegar pilot once again? How about the cute Ashida Mana a.k.a mini Mako crying her heart out? DUDE. Can't count the number of times I sat in front of the screen with my mouth hanging open. Speaking of...

Damn, you could have been Christian Grey =(
2. Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket is just perfect, he has the perfect voice for the prologue and justifies his ass-kicking character with that sexy body of his. Mako approves.

3. Despite having Mako as a semi-love interest, I'm happy to see that there had been no kissing scene. Mako had developed a crush on Becket but at the last part where they were together in the ocean, they look like siblings.

4. The soundtrack is simply amazing. This one just gets me hyped every fucking time.

5. Perfect eye candy. Movie nowadays are filled to the brim with CGI but Pacific Rim is different by actually having uniquely designed monsters, amazing fight scenes and memorable jaegars.

6. The best prologue I've seen in a movie so far. Fast but not hasty, covers all the necessary details, from the people, the government, the economy, and the complacent attitude as well as capitalism humans love so much.

I knew from the first time I saw the trailer that this movie is for me. It felt like Gundam and Voltron all over again, my childhood loves finally making it to to big screen. I have no problem with the movie's downsides, as long as I'm entertained, I will love it. After all this is why it's called the Entertainment Industry. So for all the haters out there, HATE ON BITCHEZ

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