January 24, 2014

Now Watching: Got to Believe Season 2

Just this Tuesday, the primetime series "Got to Believe" a.k.a G2B became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter worldwide as the characters of Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) and Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) broke up for the sake of his health and future. It's the a usual theme found in love stories, but it still made a lot of fans broken hearted (haha including me). That was why the second season of series was welcomed heartily as Chichay met Joaquin once again after 2 years. His health this time is no longer in harm's way but he had amnesia due to his operation and failed to identify Chichay.

This time the event is kinda similar to the one Meteor Garden, the taiwanese live version of the popular manga Hana Yori Dango, popularized and set the standards for later asian remakes of the same manga. It is understandable that people would assume Got to Believe copied the idea. Chill dudes, try to count the number of times our beloved amnesia was used. Yep you need plenty of fingers to do that.

Anyway that isn't the reason why I decided to blog about this series today. Just a while ago, I came upon a text being passed around the social media that is allegedly huge spoilers for the show. I still don't know its origin. Still I just have to share it here too:
Ang twist po kase nung story, Si Juliana talaga ang nakabaril sa anak nyang si Joaquin kaya simula pagkabata ganun na lang ang pag aalala ni Juliana sa anak nya, Gusto palitan ni Juliana ng pagmamahal at pag-aalaga dahil once na malaman ni Joaquin ang katotohanan na hindi si Papa Bear ang may kasalanan mas lalong lalayo si Joaquin sa kanya at tuluyan nyang kalimutan ang Mama niya. 
Hindi nagka-amnesia si Joaquin kaya niya lamang nagawang makilala si Liza dahil sa Mommy nya pero nagmamatiyag padin si Joaquin kay Chichay kaya nandun padin sila magkasama. 
Ginagawa lang to ni Joaquin para maligtas ang pamilyang Tampipi from San Juan kaya nagkunyari siyang may amnesia pero si joaquin pa rin ang nagproprovide ng mga paintings ni Chichay kaya po habang sumisikat si Chichay bilang painter, si Joaquin naman nagbibigay ng mga brushes at paints ni Chichay, Sinakyan lamang ni Joaquin ang mama nya para sa kapakanan ni Chichay kaya nga po "SACRIFICE" ang ginawa niya but still mamimiss nila ang isa't isa.
Fanfic or not, this is interesting. For one, I myself had already suspected Juliana since a friend reminded me (yes, we are serious when it comes to G2B) that she did her share of pulling out a gun in a self pity session during the night the young Joaquin was shot. Unraveling her little secret is an expected future event. As for the fake amnesia, well it had been done before but I'm not so confident with this prediction. If this turns out to be the real plot of the series it sure is an evil thing to do to all the parties involved.

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