April 05, 2014

Introducing Muyi and Miki!

Earlier this day, a collage is making its rounds on Facebook garnering countless comments and hate. Apparently it shows the couple Zhang Muyi and Akama Miki with the caption "A 24 year old Guy FELL IN LOVE with a 12 year old Girl". With those words, it's not surprising to see hordes of comments screaming child abuse and pedophile. Personally, I'm not against their relationship, plus this is a piece old news from 2012 and based from their weibo accounts, it's obvious they're still together anyway. Plus Ohno Satoshi's 33 years old already but I still hope to marry him or whatever (lol just kidding...XD a girl can dream)

Like I said, this was big news way back in 2012. The then 12 year old Akama Miki was mainly known as a Canadian singer-model while Zhang Muyi was a Chinese pop star. Naturally they have their share of haters and supporters. Doubts also arise with the theory that this might all be publicity stunt. The case of child abuse was also presented. Just so people can understand, having a sexual-free romantic pre-marital relationship is a prevalent case in conservative Asia. Though I still agree Miki is the youngest I know of who had gone into such kind of relationship, I'm still not thoroughly surprised with this situation. But then again, one can't just trust a 24-year-old man to control his needs. I mean, in the end he's still a guy, and with those looks I highly doubt he lacked female attention. I'm hoping he's the good, responsible type of guy.

So far so good though. They look happy and make a very cute couple. I just hope Akama Miki won't regret her early dive into serious romance.


  1. If they truly love each other, then they will need to wait. 10 years from now, their age difference won't look so odd anymore. My beloved, he is 12 years my senior. I'm in my 30s now, and no one seems to notice our age difference! ��

  2. Agreed with the earlier post..
    I'm with my love since I'm 15. He is 10 years elder than me.
    I'm now 35 and he still adore me like before. Age is not a problem at all.

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  4. People making a judgement by saying the guy only need for that "something" in relationship..obviously,muyi already know that miki wasn't fully adult so he wouldn't ask for that"things"..but since miki just 12 people see it as a child abuse..in 10yr she will be 22..what's the difference it makes if they meet each other at that time..??they still have age gap but typical world would not even care..but just because miki a 12yr old having a romantic relationship with 24yr guy,world doesn't stop looking them with disgust..they just wanna cherish this love while they can still felt it so let them be..there's nothing wrong with falling with someone's older that you no matter how young you are..fighting M2

    1. This hardly makes any sense. The brain of a 12 year old compared to a 22 year old is clearly different and it's sad that this needs to be explained...

  5. What a load of crap.
    And of course he's free to do this in your opinion, but this comment will probably not go through.



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