June 15, 2012

The Romantic Escapades of Ninomiya Kazunari

Ah the Forever Seventeen-year-old. Everyone's captivated by the epicness of Nino's immortal face. An Heir, Singer, Actor, Gamer, Host, Magician, Nino is also one of the JE idols whom the agency seemed to be lenient with. Throughout his career the guy was linked to a few girls but the seriousness of those relationships sounds real instead of just being a bunch of stories to spice up publicity.
Any fangirl would fall for that one
Guy-dates-girl is a normal type of gossip, but guy-dates-girl-and-is-serious-and-gives-gifts rumors are just too specific. Yet JE seems ok with it, as long as it's Nino? 
Maybe his cuteness could melt any of his seniors' hearts or maybe he is a truly obedient talent and understands the rules. If all else fails, plain favoritism. If I were to have a brother like him, I would be bias too anyway.

Nino's quite famous during his junior days, his bratty ways matured but remained playful and noisy. A number of girls were lucky enough to be able to know who he really is behind the camera.
So now let us look at the faces that had been placed beside Nino's in tabloids throughout the years.
2000 Shiina Noriko
It had been such a huge news when Friday magazine exposed the relationship between Ninomiya and Shiina Noriko during September of year 2000.
In the reports Nino and Noriko were seen going out about 11 pm. Before this, Nino went Noriko's for about 2-3 hours. Then the couple walked along the street (holding hands all the way).They stopped at a Honda Scooter, sat there and talked. Then they rode motorcycle and disappeared into the darkness.
At first, the reporter thought that the lovely girl is Maki Koto but realized later on that it's Noriko.

The magazine talked about how the two met in "Namida O fuite" and became close friends.
It was until 2001 that Nino and Norichan started out as a couple. It was also said that being a talento herself Nino is the first person that Norichan braved herself  to go anywhere with. There were sightings of them and one person shared online on seeing Norichan and Nino shopping at Disney store in Shibuya.
Johnny's company and Noriko's agency had not commented on the news.[1] Photos of the two together cuddling was also leaked yet both parties remained quiet.

They somehow broke up along the way, and everyone was speculating how this had left Nino scarred for life and he became a player. I don't know what to say to this theory, but I agree that Noriko must have been very important to him, I mean one of his solos Shougai Nani ga Atte mo Aisuru Hito e (To the person that I love no matter what) was rumored to be dedicated to her:
"I hear you crying over the phone
Even though I said it wouldn't matter if everyone in the world was our enemy"
During 2010 however, rumors said of the possibility of them getting back together when Nori gave a candid interview Arashi fans now call as the "Sexual Powerhouse Interview". Remember this?

This is the interview where Nori said how she bumped into an ex bf -ahem Nino- and he's starting to get in touch with her once more, but this was during the time he was allegedly with Nagasawa Masami, the rumors died though and we will never know if Nori and Nino got together even for a short while.

2001(?) Maki Goto
First, I have no other sources for this one at this moment. All I remember was that Maki Goto was rumoured long ago that despite that being a Morning Musume member, she used to openly ask Johnny's Jrs out for dates, It was also said that she was allegedly going for either Nino or Aiba. She later had a relationship with Yamapi (and broke up).

I don't think she and Nino EVER dated for real, but since she had a picture taken with a seemingly unsuspecting blank-faced Nino, I'll include this here haha.

2005 Nagasawa Masami

Nagasawa Masami and Ninomiya Kazunari have been rumoured together since 2005 when they starred in Fuji TV's Yasashii Jikan. At that time, they neither acknowledged or denied their relationship. According to Shukan Josei, Nino was at a gathering with friends from the entertainment circle, with Hide of the comedy duo Penalty when Kojima Yoshio showed up with several other entertainers to join them. They had random conversations for a bit and then the topic changed to romance - Focusing on Nino's love life in particular. A (must be drunk already) Nino was asked whether he was reaaallllyyy dating Masami.

At first he tried to avoid the question but finally stated flat out, "We're still seeing each other." 
Naturally the place bursted with shouts of "SUGOI!" and "NO WAAAY!
"Is it okay for you to be at a party with bunch of girls? Won't your girlfriend be mad?" Turns out Nino asked Masami and she answered, "It's fine, go ahead.". His upfront answer left everyone quite surprised.[ba]

According to reports, he was very careful about protecting his private life. In order to avoid the paparazzi, he and Masami usually meet at home. All through the four years they were always rumored to have broken up, they've actually been seeing each other. It seems they were very committed to the relationship. 

At that time,an insider, who knows when these two met for the first time says "It was 2 and a half years ago that they met on the set of Yasahi jikan and that was the point in which they become close to each other"

The two started dating after the filming of their drama ended. They started off with a close brother-sister relationship, and Nagasawa did mention to a acquaintance: "I am now into the music that Ninomiya-san has introduced to me" 

According to another insider, "If they were to go out together, they would create an uproar and therefore, both of them would always stay indoors. " [2]

Ninomiya used to visit Masami’s place very often,  taking the earliest train back to his apartment by morning, but on a 2010 issue of Shukan Josei, it was reported that the Arashi member stopped going over since March, the month of their supposed break-up. A neighbor of Masami’s also testified that she noticed Ninomiya's visits had ceased. If any of it were true, it must have been a hard, emotional break-up, since that same month, fans worry over a skinny Masami when she did a guest appearance in “Waratte iitomo!” [3]

Masami's image has always been that cute girl with a chubby smile, I am not sure if the media are just looking too deep into the situation or not, or if Nino truly cheated on his girlfriend or that they just have other kinds of problems. Some tabloids are saying that they broke up was also because Nino changed due to his popularity

Oh well, we are all just fans anyway, we can never know the real plot behind their public image. But one thing is certain: The expectation of them becoming a nicely married couple has long faded into the wind... I am sad...I was such a fan ='(

2010 Mizukawa Asami

Mizukawa and Ninomiya first became a rumor in January of 2010 when Shuukan Josei reported that Nino and Mizukawa went out for a meal metropolitan nabe bar Hormone, in Dogenzaka, Shibuya together. They were in the bar until late at night just leaving after five hours at about midnight disappearing down Dogenzaka together.
"Ninomiya had heard from a friend about a place that did great nabe and invited Mizukawa to check it out with him - that seems to be what's happened." (Authorised source - TV channel) 
"We heard someone making a toast and what sounded like a great time, and I thought, 'No way!' but it was true - 'That high pitched voice - it sounds like Ninomiya, like he was in a movie or drama! So, is he with an actress? Maybe it's the actress he's supposed to be dating, Nagasawa Masami?', and when I looked, I saw him next to a girl - I was really surprised. It was Mizukawa Asami.' (Fellow Customer)  
"Mizukawa was quietly dividing up the ingredients and recommending drinks. There were times when they were looking into one another's eyes and seemed deep in conversation, and there was a good vibe about them. You would think they were just like a couple! From start to finish they had been smiling and laughing as they talked, but at the end Ninomiya's face became serious, and he seemed troubled as he talked to Mizukawa about something. I wonder if they were talking about Nagasawa..." (Fellow Customer)
Ninomiya and Mizukawa became good friends working together in Abunai Hokago back in 1999. So people would like to assume that it was all just a friendly date right?
Ninomiya has, had been living alone in Meguro, Tokyo in a one bedroom apartment, but a fellow resident has reported:  
"When I pass by him in the entrance hall, he's the sort of person who will expressly stop to say hello to you. But one day, he got into the elevator with Mizukawa Asami while I was in it - and unlike before, I got the feeling it was a very bad time to talk to him."
The interesting part is, at the time of this rumor, it was also well known how Nino's relationship with Nagasawa Masami was progressing nicely, and the fact that the two women, ever since collaborating in the 2008 drama Last Friends, are actually good friends made the situation ugly to the eyes of the public [4]
“At that time, when Ninomiya was living in an apartment in Nakameguro, he was secretly meeting with Mizukawa. Even though Aiba was Mizukawa’s boyfriend, and even more, Mizukawa was close friends with Nagasawa, the two met alone without their respective partners. It’s only a wonder what kind of conversations they had.” (Nikkan Sports Reporter)[5]
Unknown Ms. C-mi
Recall that "Sexual Powerhouse" thing I mentioned earlier? well I think I should include her here, whoever she is, fake or not. Ms. C-mi is said to be Nino's "sex friend" who unleashed the naughty secrets of the baby-faced idol. She is an employee in a promotion firm who had  met Nino some years ago while doing promotions for one of his movies and from the looks of her confessions, did some happy times at her apartment. Here's a copypasta:
“At first glance he looks like he’d be the kind of guy not much interested in sex, but actually, he’s quite the animal! When he’s having sex, even after he comes from a blow job, he’ll still stick it in,”
“But he’d never let me in his room. When I asked about Nagasawa Masami, he’d say, ‘We’re going out,’ so maybe that’s why.”
When the text messages stopped coming, C-mi thought the relationship had naturally come to an end. It seems Nino would hit on a lot of girls in the entertainment industry and take them home for a booty call, but now that he’s recently become so busy, those kind of rumors aren’t surfacing much anymore. Since becoming a national idol, perhaps he’s avoiding the loose-lipped hoochies.
And fangirls, because of this, smutty, sexy, and steaming fanfics came to life once more.

 2011 Sasaki Nozomi

In May of 2011, tabloids are raging that the two are at the getting-to-know-each-other stage yet, due to their popularity (A national idol, and one of the world's most beautiful women, pressure much?), they were limited to dating in their homes, some reports saying it is mostly in Sasaki’s apartment, Nino visiting as much as twice a week. All of these started way back in winter of the last year. A fellow model and friend of Sasaki's said revealed that “(Ninomiya) is really kind” and that they “practically live together” because of the mentioned home dates.Ninomiya showed his generous side too, when he gave Sasaki a quite good present: all volumes of manga "One Piece".

An acquaintance of Sasaki said: "She says that he's showing her a new world. For example, she told him that she had never read "One Piece". The next day he gave her all the volumes. It seems she's enjoying such surprises everyday."[7a]

After these reports surfaced, the jimusho spoke on behalf of both parties, stating the entertainment industry's most cliche statement "They're friends."

Don't know which is cuter: Nino looking at the puppy, of the puppy's flat face
During  Arashi's Waku Waku School in Tokyo Dome, Ninomiya spoke about Sasaki.
Press: So you're saying your relationship is going fine, then?
Nino: It's normal
Press: Friends?
Nino: Yes.
On September 2011
Reporter: Do you call that person in the idol group?
Sasaki: No. No, I don’t
Reporter: Is your relationship doing well?
Sasaki: ... 

Initially, the fans were aghast, going as far as petitioning to the management to break them up [1a]. The agency warned Nino of course but Nino's obedience to his management seemed to have contributed to their eventual break up during the end of 2011 [6]

So now I've finally finished compiling Nino's love stories, hope I did a n acceptable job with the sources =P
Someone asked me why I'm doing this, well, for starters, I have a few hours of free time and I just want to be busy these days, PLUS Japanese Idols are just too mysterious, unlike other actors whose private life is = public life. Since I am such a curious Cat, I have to indulge myself
Anyway, now I want some coffee (>_<)\m/

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