April 17, 2013

What I Just Learned #2

 I'm quite grateful that I've stumbled upon this blog:
I'm feel so stupid not finding this earlier. It's a treasure of amazing posts. Feel free to visit and follow it here, though the last update was last year, who knows the blogger might come back any day.
Here are just a few I truly enjoyed:

626 Anon [sage] 2011/06/17(?) 02:00:33.82 ID:ecHbTYhN
Lately I reckon that those popular chicks should be grateful of me for being unpopular.
I am the one who supports the population of good-looking chicks in the world by being ugly.
What if I turn to be hot?
The balance of the popular/unpopular collapses.
Being ugly is my duty.
This is for the world peace.

54 Anon:2011/06/02(?) 17:39:50.78 ID:7ZvFDqHp
I also have got a similar experience.
One evening, coming back from work, there was a frog in front of my house.
I was amazed cos there is no field around my house and it’s in the middle of the city here.
So I brought a piece of bread for the frog from my house but it didn’t make a move at all.
I thought frogs may be predatory so I brought a sausage but it didn’t move at all as well.
I was bored so I went back home.
In the next morning, my wife was furious because of the following reason.
“There is a big crap with a piece of bread and a sausage. Someone might be making fun of us but I don’t quite understand it!”
Of course I haven’t told her the truth.
I’m planning to keep this secret till I pass away.

711 Anon:2006/03/09(?) 13:43:35 ID:pNYPZdN6
While I was watching porn, mum came into my room.
I got panicked and said
“What are they making!? A child!! Correct!!” in a joking way to cover up.
Then she said to me
“Sorry for making a child like you”

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