April 29, 2013

Plastic Surgery in Korean Pageant

Recently there had been lots of debate regarding about this news:
" A Japanese blog raised a controversy after it suggested that Korea's plastic surgery craze may be transforming the country's beauty pageants into a parade of clones.
The blog, Live Door, posted photos thought to show Miss Korea 2013 contestants all spotting strikingly similar looks. The photos were then uploaded to Reddit by user ShenTheWise with the caption, "Korea's plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face. Here are the miss korea 2013 contestants."
The photos sparked a debate on Reddit although it was uncertain whether the almost identical features of the contestants were the result of surgery, makeup or Photoshopping."
To read more of the story, go HERE
The reddit discussion is HERE
Whoa, seriously they all look like a whole set of twins, can't blame the netizens for their reactions. I mean just look at the eyes, and the noses. The best part? Look at the eyebrows. However there is no need to be afraid, according to tumblr blog kpsurgery, contestants of Miss Daegu actually looks normal in personal, without all that Photoshop and make-up:
But the popularity of plastic surgery in Korea is still being talked about online. Koreans do have small set of eyes, I don't see anything bad from making it look bigger, its just eyelids. The same thing with chins, Korean plastic surgeons are like wizards in this sort of thing, and could help in a person's self confidence. The problem comes in when a patient actually looks ....OK. You know, he/she could do with out going under the knife again and again, because they already look good. You can't just help but think why they are doing it.


  1. ew....they all look the same...no...what do they call it? ah, "uniqueness"

  2. They all look kinda scary in the first pictures, like evil dolls. They look much prettier without all the make-up.

  3. Cosmetic surgery is used to enhance one thing in our body not changing our whole appearance. But we don't have the power to stop those obsession, they want to go blephroplasty surgery, then go. Just admire the beauty, what cosmetic surgery done.

  4. Oh, really? They look like a different person.

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  9. seriously they all look like a whole set of twins, can't blame the netizens for their reactions. Intimate Care for Women

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