April 22, 2013

Arashi Fans Please be Aware

[News] Popular Boyband Arashi posts concert videos on Facebook, violates copyright laws
In an unprecedented move by Japanese national idols Arashi, videos of their latest Tokyo Dome concert were posted online onto a Facebook group website "iL0v3AraShI". Industry experts, fans and JE staff were flabbergasted; why would Arashi blatantly violate anti-piracy laws, especially when the music industry was already reporting losses in Japan?
To be able to understand more of this, read the rest HERE
To sum it up, it talks about the worsening problem of Arashi fans and a certain FB group irresponsibly sharing copyrighted materials, along with using files not crediting the original uploader in anyway whatsoever, plus sharing Popcorn DVD leak even before its release. 

Oh and also pretending they are Arashi guys themselves. 
also pretending they are Arashi 
pretending they are Arashi
Misleading new fans and saying thank yous and using "we, I, us" and shit
Ha, that's waaay below the belt.

Not all of the fans could get their hands on some Arashi concerts/singles, thus those who are kind enough to share what they have deserve all the respect we could give. Being a ninja in the LJ communities and posting them somewhere in a public page, taking all the credit, is idiotic AND endangers the whole online Arashi community.

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