March 01, 2014

Now Remembering: Childhood Cartoons Part 1

The kiddie time slot being broadcasted in the local channels these days are beyond shit. Either the TV guys were lazy or have bad tastes but the glory that was weekday cartoons no longer exists. Apart from the absence of educational shows, the animes being shown were not the ones you expect a child of six would watch and understand. Naruto, Dragonball and Sailor Moon were overused beyond repair.

So how was it before anyway if I'm so whiny? Man, it was a glorious. I don't remember all episodes obviously but thanks to Wikipedia, I could recall small bits of the the beloved cartoons. Here are some of the beautiful animated tales that my childhood colorful:

Blue Blink
A kid named Kakeru saved magical pony named Blink one stormy night. Blink was grateful and promised Kakeru that if he is ever in trouble, all Kakeru needs to do is call out his name three times and he will come to his aid. One day Kakeru got home and found out his father is missing. With Blink's help, they went on an adventure to find his kidnapped father, meeting new friends and villains on the way.

Memorable scenes includ Blink's mother who was freaking huge and pink. Like when she appeared, Blink and Kakeru were ony as big as her leg! Another memory was when Kakeru met this cute princess and fought the spinx. Also I remember they were in a castle where all the furnitures are upside down and were glued to the ceiling.

The Trouble with Sophie (Les Malheurs de Sophie)
This cartoon was based on a French classic and certainly once of the most depressing cartoons I've ever watched as a child, I can't even begin to understand how the adults think this was appropriate for children. Sophie was a mischievous girl with good intentions. Life changed drastically for her when her mother died in a sea voyage and her father remarried. It wasn't long before she realized her stepmother's evil ways and was physically abused. With the help of friends, she was saved and learned more about life as she grew up. The series ended well with her finally having a good happy family.

Marcelino Pan y Vino
This is the story adapted from a medieval legend. It tells of baby abandoned on the doorstep of a Franciscan monastery called Marcelino Pan y Vino. He grew up mischievous and curious with the priests and is capable with talking to animals. One day, Marcelino steals some bread and wine and offers it to a statue of Jesus Christ, which in turn comes to life, and soon became Marcelino's best friend. The ending was bittersweet, I did not understand it when I was young but apparently Marceino's greatest wish was to be with his mother, and Jesus granted that wish to repay the boy's kindness... So Marcelino died... Happily

Cinderella Monogatari 
There had been countless of animes made from fairy tales but the best one for me was Cinderella. Not only did they succeed in showing the maturity of Cinderella's character but also showed her love story with the Prince over time. The funny thing was the Prince was also disguising when they first met (this was waaay before the famous ball where Cinderella lost her glass slippers) That was why their love story isnt as hasty as the Disney version plus Cinderella's prettier.

My Daddy Long Legs 
Judy Abbott is an orphan who has been given a scholarship at the prestigious Lincoln Memorial High School by a mysterious benefactor whom she nicknames "Daddy Long Legs" for seeing his long shadow once. All she has to do is write him letters every month concerning whatever it is she's going through at school. One thing I loved about this anime was it covers many days of Judy's life, from meeting her best friends, to her academic pursuits and other adventures. She then meets Jervis Pendleton, a friend's uncle who is both eccentric and successful. In a chain of events, it was discovered that not only did Jervis' interest in Judy blossomed into romantic love but was also her Daddy Long Legs all along.

Miracle Girls
Being an only child, the anime Miracle Girls was memorable as I remember daydreaming having a sister (I'm an only child). Toni and Mika are identical twins with psychic powers, and they were able to teleport anywhere when they crossed their pinky fingers together. 

Bubu Chacha
A super cute 3 year old Randy was almost hit by a car when his pet dog Chacha saved him and died instead. However in come sort of miracle, Chacha's soul is reincarnated into Randy's yellow toy car so now, they can be together all the time and had daily adventures. This anime is super cute and heart-breaking. I've had dogs when I was young, up to this day so this was truly close to my heart.

Bananas in Pajamas
This one is not srictly animated but it sure is one of the elements that completed my childhood. There's some kind of magic going since I never doubted the existence of walking bananas when I was young. What was important for me then was not missing a single episode and to laugh at the gang's antics. The rat was an annoying character for me then since it has an equally annoying voice. But I just adore the three teddy bears and the walking bananas. I saw a 2014 Bananas in Pajamas but I doubt it will bring the same happiness the original did for me. Plus the original faces of B1 and B2 's cuter.

That's all for now. We're going to have our final examinations this week so it may be a while before I'll be able to update this blog. No worries though: I'll be doing a Part Two of this post where I'll be talking about the animated literary classics I grew up with! =) Something to look forward to aye?

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