May 03, 2014

A Different Kind of Riddle

When I first stepped into 4chan, I was an immediate /x/phile. In layman's terms, my first home board was /x/Paranormal where anons talk about anything supernatural, weird and odd. Discussions about tulpas, skin walkers, dreams and mythologies are usual. Most of the anons in /x/ are also deemed to have the best research skills in all of 4chan.

The following riddles I'll share with you today is from one of /x/'s many threads. It was originally archived but the current state of the website is still unsure. OP translated the riddles he got from 2chan thread called "Stories that are scary if you understand their meaning." Some of the stories here were also gathered from other sources.

Basically you have to know what fuck is going on in each story. Jot down your theories and answers and we'll check them later. Let's begin!

1. A buddy of mine and I were talking, and somebody said we should go take some ghost photos, so we went to this old house on a mountain road where there'd been a murder. We went late at night, and then we went from the front hall to the living room, to the bath, the washroom, the kitchen, the study, then up to the second floor, then back downstairs. Then we each took a photo of us with the house behind us.
The next day, we looked at the photos and we were surprised. There was nothing. I mean, we were in the photos. Just there weren't any ghosts or anything.
"Isn't that weird?"
"Maybe they like, went to heaven or something?"
"Yeah maybe. We can't take anymore ghost photos, then. That was a waste of time."
"Not really. I saw a house that was pretty far from the rest. We can go there next."
"Seriously? It empty?"
"Course not, there were people there. Let's go tonight"
"Okay, got it. I'll get ready."
I can't wait, this'll be a lot of fun. 
2. My sister's an art teacher, and she rented a two bedroom cheap apartment to use as a studio. She never lived there, she just used it as a place to paint. Since I was hard up for a place to stay, she was nice and gave me one of the rooms.
So I moved my stuff in the morning and then went off to work. I came home excited, ready to enjoy my new place. My sister had told me to be really careful with the locks, so I locked the door with the deadbolt and chain. I made myself some instant ramen with the water heater in the kitchen and then read some comics until it was time for bed. I checked the door and the gas and went to sleep.
Around 2 or 3 in the morning, I heard the deadbolt unlock from the front door. My sister had come to paint. I heard her go to the bedroom next to mine, the one she used as a studio. I'd been in there earlier, it was empty except for some canvas and paints. I was tired and I had work again the next morning so I stayed in bed. I could hear her mumbling and laughing to herself.
"Man artists are weird people" I said to myself as I fell asleep again.
When I woke up in the morning, my sister was gone and I was alone in the apartment. i got up and got ready, and then went out the front door.
It was only when I turned around to lock it that I realized, and I was suddenly terrified.
I never went back into the apartment after that. 
3. At the end of June, a college student was found dead in his apartment. He'd been dead for at least a month and his body was found in a bad state of decay. The cops called his brother Tatsuya in to identify the body and while he was there, they played the messages on the deceased's answering machine
3/14: A message from his mother talkking about a trip they took when he was little. It cut off midway.
3/16: An invitation to a trip by a friend
3/21: A message from his father, that his grandpa wanted to see him.
4/25: A message from his freiend saying that he needed to go to school.
5/1: A message from his mother telling him to call his brother Tatsuya.
That was all that was on the tape.
"The calls from your parents were always at around 2:00AM", the detective said. Tatsuya nodded.
"My parents died when we were both little.." 
4.  One day, when I was little, my sister's crying was bugging me so I killed her and threw her in a well.
The next day the body was gone.
Five years later, I got in a fight with a friend over something stupid, and I killed him too. I threw his body in the well, and the next day it was gone.
Ten years later, I accidentally got a chick pregnant when we were drunk. I killed her and threw her body in the well, and the next day it was gone.
Fifteen years later, I had this boss who was a dick. I killed him and threw him in the well. The next day, his body was gone.
Twenty years later, my mom was getting old and she needed to be put in a home. I didn't want to pay the money so I killed her and threw her body in the well.
The next day, it was still there. 
5. It's been a crappy day. I woke up late, i skipped breakfast and I think I forgot to lock the door too. And to make matters worse, my boss yelled at m e again today. All the girls in the office hate him. The bald bastard. "I wonder if he's that guy who keeps stalking me?" I say to myself as I go home.
Home, of course, is a cheap-ass apartment with a living kitchen and a seperate bedroom, and not even a window facing outside. Not that I care. It's cheap. I unlock the door and go inside. The place is trashed. Somebody must've broken in this morning...crap. I'm tired. I'l l just call the police tomorrow. I decide to skip dinner and head for the bedroom. 
6. I got run over by a hit-and-run driver, and I had to go to the hospital for a month. When I finally got out, a good buddy of mine came over to hang out.
"Sorry I couldn't go see you in the hospital."
"It's cool man."
"Did you see the guy who did it?"
"Nah, it was too sudden. I don't remember."
"I see."
"You be careful too, buddy."
"Yeah, I will. Anyway, it's getting late, so I'm gonna head home. Next time I'll go see you."
7. It's five minutes to midnight, and I'm on an express train on the outskirts of Tokyo. It's just me and a few other people, and then this one guy gets on. When he gets in, he looks around and suddenly has this terrified expression on his face as the doors close behind him.
He walks up to a woman, "Excuse me ma'am, are you 28?"
"That's exactly right," the woman says. "How could you tell?"
He ignores her and turns to the man next to me, "And you, you're 45?"
"Why yes, that's right."
He looks to me, "And you're 35."
"That's correct. But how do you know?"
"And you miss, you're 50?"
"Yes that's right. But I'll be turning 51 tomorrow, in five minutes."
When she says this the man goes white as a sheet.
"I have a special power: I can see how long each of you is going to live." 
8. An old man says to me, "Wanna play a game? Here's the rules. I've got a bunch of boxes, and inside one of them is the prize money. The boxes are heavy and strong, too heavy to ever open with your hands, but there are axes and welding torches and all kinds of things around them, and you can take as much time as you want. When you find the money it's yours."
Well, i don't see any way I can lose then. Worst case, I spend a night opening boxes.
"By the way, there are a ton of boxes, but if you give me $50, I'll start you right next to the prize money."
Even better! I take out my wallet and give the old guy $50.
The game starts.
The prize money is right in front of my eyes. 
9. I hate being in crowds when it's hot. Fucking hate it. I'm exhausted from work, and then I have to ride the damn rush hour train home. I stagger back to my apartment building and I go inside and wait for the elevator. There's another goddamn crowd here.An old woman and her husband, two kids in elementary school, a college student, a businessman in a suit, and a mom with a kid on her back and another holding her hand.
We all get inside, and just as the doors are about to close, this cute girl in a white dress slips past them. The weight buzzer goes off. Well, that makes sense, this thing's got a limit of 9 adults. She looks embarrassed and tries to get off, but I smile and step out of the elevator. As the doors close she's smiling back at me. Very cute. I honestly didn't want to be stuck on a full elevator, but still, totally worth it. I take the next elevator up and go back to my place. The TV's on, and the news is talking about some chick that's gone missing. 
10. Two years ago, a good friend of mine was riding his motorcycle, and he crashed into a tree and died. It was really sudden. The day after the funeral, five of us went to his place and sorted through his stuff. This guy loved taking pictures, and he had tons of photos of the campus, the local parts, landscapes, that sort of thing. There was one that was kind of weird though. It was a photo of a bathroom mirror. Just a straight on shot of a full body mirror, reflecting back on an empty bathroom. 
11. Two of my friends and I, we'll call 'em A and B, went ghost hunting in this old house where there'd been a murder late one night."Hey, I heard the killer really butchered these guys. I bet their ghosts must be really pissed off."
"Yeah, it was a massacre, he stabbed the husband's eyes out, and then killed the mother with a big knife, and then he strangled the kids."
"But A, didn't you say you weren't scared of ghosts?" I said as we wandered around the house with just a single flashlight. We went through the kitchen, and down to the room where the murders occured. I could've sworn I could still see blood on the walls.
The place was creepy, but we didn't see anything weird. On the way out, I turned to B.
"Hey, I didn't see anything spooky, did you?"
"Not me."
"I didn't either."
"I didn't see a thing."
So there was nothing, then.
Kinda lame, but a part of me feels relieved. 
12. My job means I'm always on a train. I'm on the train again today, and suddenly there's this woman that appears in front of me. It's goddamn depressing 
13. I got out of jail yesterday.
I killed five people, but since I was a minor they let me go after four years. At the time it was on all the news. I really do feel bad about, and I've decided to get a job as soon as I can to help my family.Why do I have to help my family I'm barely over 18? After I did it, my parents go fired, and my sister couldn't pay tuition and had to drop out of college. For four years they've been living off of savings, and never going out of the house except to buy food. And then their savings ran out six months ago, and since then they've been living of salt and tap water.
I figured they all must hate me, but when I got back, they were acting like nothing's happened. My mom was laughing her ass of at a sitcom, and my sister was drying her hair while she talked to somebody on the phone. My dad was smiling at them while he drank froma bottle of beer.
Man, if I don't find work soon.. 
14. My wife was attacked by a burglar when I was on my way home from work. She fought him off with a butcher knife, though. When I went to pick her up from the police station, she said, "When I heard the buzzer I thought it was you, but then there was somebody else he jumped me as soon as I opened the door!""You must've been so scared," I said, and I held her tightly. 
15. Friend: "I'm really sorry about this."
Me: "Hey, stop it!"
Friend: "My sister...she's sick. I need the money."
Me: "Are you okay man? Snap out of it."
Friend: ".....Thanks."
Me: "I can lend you like a thousand bucks, if you want it."
Friend: "Thanks man. And like, well..."
Me: "Here, take the rest of my dinner if you want it."
Friend: "Thanks."
Me: "What are you talking about? I mean, we're best pals right?"
Friend: "I'm thinking of killing myself...If you weren't here I was gonna do it."
Me: "Hey, don't worry about it."
Friend: "Sorry to bug you this late at night." 
16. My kid's weird. He's got this habit of painting at faces sometimes, like in a picture or on TV.
It was only a little while ago that I learned whenever he points at somebody like that, they're gonna die within three days.
Like today, when I went to turn on the TV, my son was pointing on the screen.
When i turned it on there was a Us senator, talking about a civil rights bill.
Wonder how he's gonna die. 
17. So I was bored and decided to take some ghost photos in an abandoned building near me. There was a room on the top floor that looked pretty haunted to me, so I set the camera in the middle and took three photos, one right after another. I left the building after that, and I didn't see any ghosts or anything.
I got the photos developed the next day, and I shivered when I saw them. Two of them had nothing unusual, but one of them had this creepy looking Japanese doll, sitting in the window and smiling at me. I sure as hell hadn't seen any dolls when I was there.
I got pretty freaked out, so I went back to the building the next day when it was light, this time with a couple of friends and ready to run the hell towards the exit if we saw anything. We got to the top floor, and I sighed in relief. It wasn't a ghost of anything at all. I twas just a real old Japanese doll, that one of the previous owners had placed on the windowsill.
Aww, and for a second I thought I had a real ghost picture on my hands. 
18. I was taking a shower when I heard a scream from the living room. I got out of the bath and ran over there naked. When I got there, there was a man in a mask, and my mom, sister, and dad all lay on the floor dead. When the man saw me he jumped out the window. I collapsed on the floor, pale. 
19. I've been really tired lately, so I took some time off work and went to England. I checked into a nice three story hotel after a long day of sightseeing, and just collapsed in bed.Around 3:00 AM I heard some noise, and I look outside. The police are everywhere. They're yelling up at me that there's been a robbery and murder on the second floor. I'm on the top level, and I can see that the cops have the stairs and elevators locked down. Should be fine then.
I'm going back to bed. Hope they catch the guy. 
20. One day I got an email from a buddy with a video file attached. Int he video, he rigs a noose from the ceiling, climbs a chair, sticks his head in it and kicks the chair out. Then the movie ends. 
21. There's a road I take on my way home from work that goes by a big abandoned apartment building that they're going to tear down. A lot of people commit suicide by jumping off of it, and a bunch of my co-workers say the've seen ghosts. There's no light around , and it's pretty creepy at night. One night I was stuck late at work, and I didn't get off until about eleven. I was walking home pas that apartment building when I thought i saw something out of the corner of my eye.
I looked up, and I could see a silhouette on the building.
I thought my heart was going to stop. It was definitely a person.
Is it a ghost...I said to myself? And then they jumped off. I heard the horrible sound of a body hitting concrete, and I saw a woman laying on the ground.
I called 911 and ran over there. She was covered in blood and her arms were bent in weird ways. She wasn't a ghost, but it was till pretty scary. I could see a bunch of people looking down at me from above, they must've heard the crash.
The ambulance came and took her away, and I went home, but that night I was too freaked out to sleep.
I called the hospital the next day, and they said she was badly hurt but survived. I'm so would've been horrible if she'd died. 
22. I know this isn't exactly an uncommon problem, but my mom treats my wife like crap. Whenever we come over to visit she never sets out a place for her, and today she tried to stuff her in a closet because she was "cleaning"!
This last one was too much for me. "Mom! Don't treat Ayanami that way!"
My mom looked at me and said, "Ayanami? Who's that?"
So rude. I just can't believe it. 
23. August, 1904.
I found a strange diary in my home.
I moved here six years ago after I married. A short while after, we had a daughter.
Sadly, I lost both my wife and my daughter when the ship they were on sank two years ago.
The house was empty now, and I decided to renovate it before I sold it to someone else. When the workers were knocking out a wall in the room that had been my wife's, a strange diary fell down from the ceiling. They gave the diary to me. Its handwriting was definitely my wife's.
This is what it said.
7/15: My life with you begins now.
(This was the day we married.)
9/21: I was made to be with you.
12/9: Even so, I will never let you go.
2/23: Not long now.
2/29: Do you understand?
When I finished reading, I was so scared I gave up on selling the house and packed up right then and there, to move to a distant town. 
24. I'm a courier, and sometimes my job takes me into bad parts of town. One day, I was delivering a package to this crappy old apartment building in a bad area of Tokyo. It was hot and i was feeling lazy, so I decided to take the elevator. I pushed the open button and the doors opened immediately. But as soon as they did, this woman ran out screaming with this crazy look on her face. She ran out of the building before I could say a word.Who knows what THAT was about. Maybe it was some yakuza thing? Like thy were whoring her out or something? Who knows that goes on in a run down old hellhole like this.
I looked inside the elevator, just to check for scary murderers. Nope, nothing. Oh well.
I get inside and hit the button for my floor. 
25. When I was a kid, I had a friend who I'd always walk home with, and on the way home we'd always talk. "Hey, we've got finals next week, right? You wanna come study with me?"
"Nah, tomorrow's the release date for Final Fantasy 1, so I'm gonna skip school and buy it."
"Dude, you do nothing but play video games all night, and you sleep in class, and you still always get A's. How does that work?"
"Actually, I can see the future. I know what'll be on the tests so I can tell the answers."
"Wow, that's amazing! You should go bet on horses and make like a million bucks!"
"Dude, calm down. It's a joke."
Sure enough, the next day he skipped class, and he still got straight A's on his finals next week. 
26. I was in a station, sitting on a bench and waiting for the train to come.Presently, a lady holding a baby to her breast sat down next to me.
Well I'm fond of children and I couldn't help but stare at the sweet-looking baby.
The lady noticed this and she started chatting to me in a friendly manner.
"This isn't actually a baby, you know. It's a bag."
As she said so, she turned over the baby's clothes and showed me a zipper on the belly.
Now that she said it, I noticed that the baby's eyes appeared to be made of glass too.
"Wow, it looks very realistic."
"Yes, I know. It takes a lot of work to make it. Time-consuming, too. But it doesn't bother me, because I love recycling things," she replied with a smile.
Just then the train pulled up. She stood up and got on the train.
I was going to catch the same train but I couldn't bring myself to move.
So I sat there rigid and stared after the train until it disappeared into the distance. 
27. I was really scared last night after I read a really creepy story on this scary Website I always visit. What made it worse was that my parents were away, so I was alone in the house. I switched on all the lights in my room and in the hall leading to the bathroom. That calmed me down a little. The only scary thing that happened was when I finished showering and went back to my room. I switched on the light and, at that exact moment, my handbag fell off the chair. That made me jump! LOL  
28. A few days ago, I was invited to dinner at a friend’s house. The strange thing is, my friend recently got involved with some weird religious cult. While I was there, he served up some type of meat, but he wouldn’t tell me what kind of meat it was. It kind of freaked me out. For a second, I wondered if it was human meat, but then, after I ate it, I knew it definitely wasn’t human meat. 
29. Yesterday, I went to the library to borrow some books. I asked the librarian where the horror section was and she directed me to some shelves that were in the corner, against the wall. I was browsing through the titles, when I came to a gap in the books and a cute girl peering through at me from the other side. Our eyes met for a moment and she smiled. I spent 10 minutes trying to work up the courage to start a conversation with her, but in the end I just picked out 3 books and brought them over to the librarian’s counter. Why am I such a wuss? If I’d been brave enough to talk to that girl, I could have maybe got her number. 
30. Studying to become a doctor is really hard work, but I scored 100% at my autopsy exam on Friday. I can’t take all the credit though. My roommate was a huge help. I wish I could thank him, but he’s no longer with us. RIP Jacob. 
31. I was delivering a pizza to an old apartment building in a bad area of town. When I pushed the button to call the elevator, the doors opened immediately. Suddenly, this woman ran out screaming with this crazy look on her face. She ran out of the building before I could say a word. Some people are just weird. I looked inside the elevator, just to check for scary murderers. Nope, nothing. But I still ended up taking the stairs. 
32. A few days ago, my boyfriend sent me an email with a video link in it. When I watched the video, I was horrified. It showed him committing suicide. In the video, he tied a rope around his neck and jumped off a chair. How could he send me something like that?? His funeral is tomorrow, but I can’t bring myself to go. Am I a bad person? 
33. I’ve lost three wives. Can you believe that? Let me tell you, alcohol is a very dangerous thing. My first wife was an alcoholic. She loved to drink wine. After we were married for 2 years, she suffered from alcohol poisoning and died. My second wife was also very fond of wine. Her death was caused by her drinking too. My third wife died in a different way. She broke her neck when she fell down the stairs. She wasn’t drunk, though. She always refused to drink wine. 
34. Hi eveyone! I’m on holiday in Bangkok, Thailand and I’m staying in a cheap hotel. The locals say this hotel is haunted, but you know how Thai people are… They’re very superstitious. However, I did have one scary incident last night. I took a bath and while I was blow-drying my hair, I switched on the TV. Suddenly, a horrifying, old, white-faced woman appeared on the screen. It gave me such a fright, I dropped the hair-drier into the bathtub. That knocked out all the lights in my room. I had to rely on the light from the TV to get dressed. Then, when I went down to the lobby, I found out that my little accident had knocked out the electricity in the whole hotel. The hotel manager wasn’t very happy with me. LOL 
35. My neighbors think I am a nosey old woman, but today I witnessed a murder. I was looking out my window when I saw something through the window of the apartment building opposite mine. A man was in the middle of murdering a woman. The strange thing was, after he finished strangling her, he turned around and our eyes met. It was eerie. Then he pointed at me and kept staring at me for a minute of two. All the time he was staring at me, his finger kept moving. I called the police a few minutes ago and they told me I will have to go down to the police station and give a statement tomorrow morning. I’m sure they will catch him. I saw his face very clearly. 
36. I used to have a little brother. The only memory I have of him is when I used share the boiled sweets I bought at the shop with him. My little brother still lives on in our hearts, even though he was only one month old when he died. I still miss him. 
37. Sometimes I wonder what the police are doing these days. They never seem to be able to solve any crimes. I live in a city that has a lot of crime and lately it’s been getting worse. Last week, there was a murder near the factory where I work. A young woman was stabbed with an ice pick. Not just an ordinary ice pick, but one with a skull and crossbones on the handle. Everyone who lives in the area is really freaking out. It’s a big city, but this latest murder has everybody talking. It’s been pretty heavily covered in the media. My mother, who lives with me, is scared to go out at night. I keep telling her not to worry, but she knows the police are not going to solve the murder. They haven’t even found the murder weapon yet. The police are so incompetent. 
38. Today has just been a disaster. I woke up late and had to skip breakfast. Then I forgot to lock the door when I went to work. To make matters worse, my boss spent the entire day yelling at me. I barely make enough money to pay the rent. My apartment has just two rooms, a bedroom and a kitchen. It doesn’t even have a window facing outside. I missed my bus this evening, so I got home late. Worst of all, when I got back to my apartment and unlocked the door, I found my kitchen had been ransacked. Someone must have broken in while I was at work. I don’t know why, I mean, I have nothing worth stealing. I’m so tired, I just want to go to bed. I’ll file a police report in the morning.
39. You can say I'm a social reject, the introvert of my apartment. I haven't left my place for over 3 years since I've lost most of my will to do anything. Every day, I hope for some type of change, hoping that it'll turn out better than yesterday, but nope, nothing ever happens. I even try to avoid my reflection to not look into the dissapointed, lifeless gaze that I pass myself.
If there's one thing that keeps me here from leaving, it's the friendly next-door kid who sometimes comes over to play once in a while. Uh-oh, today looks like her parents here early, though, so I tell her to leave. Outside, I hear their conversation.
"Where were you, Hayami?"
"I was playing with the funny man next door."
"We told you it's not good to make up lies. Come with us right now."
Sigh. Such strict parents. I guess I'll just wait until tomorrow... 
40. My roommate is so damn annoying. Each week, late at night, he brings to his room a different girl, and I have to put up the damn screams and noises that happen in there. He even invited me to join in once, but his room is so rancid that I have no idea how he manages to get some every week. I guess he's that smooth?
Anyway, this week's no different. I was up late watching the news when he brought home a girl. Looks like she was drunk, she could barely stand.
He takes her to his room, while I hear the usual screaming and yelling while he closes the door. A little less than an hour, he exits, dissappointed.
"How was it, man?"
"Crappy. She was finished before I was done."
Well, at least I don't have to put up with much of the noises tonight. 
41. I always thought something was up with the upstairs bathroom, so I've avoided as much as possible. Maybe it's because of the copious amounts of scary stories I've heard about them, but they've always been unsettling to me. My wife uses it as she likes, thinking I'm paranoid, but I know something is up.
Last night she almost scared me to death, though. I woke up in the middle of the night to the lights on in the bathroom. I opened the door and cautiously entered, expecting some deformed version of her to pop out, or some shadow creatures to spirit me away. But, anticlimactically, nothing happens. I guess she was right. I turn off the lights, unlock the door and leave.
Sure enough, when I asked her about it this morning, she apologized about the lights. I guess she's right about my paranoia. 
42. Today, I visited my dad. I never really liked him, since we got into a huge fight when I was young, and I never made amends.
But we've always made it a tradition that I'd see him today each and every year to at least TRY and make up, and today's no different. He usually doesn't answer the doorbell for me, so I let myself in. The dog is sleeping as usual, but I don't mind; I never got along with him as a kid. Ugh, dad never cleans the house anymore. You'd think he'd have more cleanliness, but nowadays he just sits on the couch watching whatever's on. I guess he doesn't care anymore?
When it's time for dinner, I cook some food up and wait for him, but he's a no show. My dad never really liked to eat with me, so I come up to them to call him. As usual, he's still in front of the TV, ignoring me. You'd think after all these years he'd change, but I guess those old wounds never healed quite right after that fight. I guess I'll try again next year... 

1. The two guys were the murderers. They killed the people in the first house and try to take a picture of the ghosts
2.The door was locked and chained. Nobody could've got in.
3.The fathers called from the afterlife, the reminder that the grandparent wanted to see him soon confirms that he was, in fact, going to die soon. The mother telling the brother to cal Tetsuya means that he is next.
4.His mother was the one who got rid of the corpses.
5. Someone was inside the apartment
6. His friend was the driver.
7. The train is going to crash in 5 minutes
8.He gets trapped in the box
9.There were 9 people (8 adults and 3 kids, weight averages to 9 adults), and the weight sensor went off.
The missing girl was dead, on top of the elevator.
10. You can't take a picture of an empty mirror unless you're a ghost.
11. He went with 2 people, 3 people replied.
12. A train driver's about to hit a woman who stepped in front of the train.
13. While he was in prison, his family went crazy.
14. The wife was planning to kill the husband when he got home since she was already holding the butcher knife. Too bad the burglar got in first.
15. Read the conversation backwards.
16. The kid was pointing at the dad's reflection on the TV.
17.Doll appeared between rapidly successive pictures.
18. The man taking the shower killed his family and was cleaning himself up. But a burglar came in and saw the massacre and ran away. The murderer knows the man will tell the police and became scared.
19. America: 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor
England: Ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor.
20. Who sent the video?
21. People looking down from above were ghosts, the building is abandoned.
22. Ayanami is imaginary.
23. The diary was written in 1902 and it wasnt a leap year.
24. Elevator doesn't open from inside. The courier will suffer the same fate.
25. Kid can see the future.
26. A real baby was recycled into bag.
27. Her light was off after she turned them all on
28.He already knows how humans tastes like.
29. The shelf is in a corner, there can be no other side
30. Did autopsy on his own friend.
31.Lady took the elevator, killer took the stairs
32. Dead bf sent video of himself
33. He poisons his wives except the last, she didn't drink the wine.
34. The TV couldn't have been on because of the blackout.
35. The killer was counting the windows to determine at what storey and room the old lady lives. He's on his way to kill her.
36. Choked his brother with candy
37. The man is the murderer.
38. He unlocked the door which he forgot to lock, which means the burglar is still inside
39. The man was a ghost.
40. The roomate is a sadist who tortures drugged girls until they die. Thus the room smells rancid.
41. Something locked the door.
42. In their 'huge fight' the kid killed his father, which was preserved in the living room for years after.


  1. Actually, I think 34 may be because the TV was still on when she knocked out all the electricity in the hotel. ("the lights went out. I had to get dressed in the light from the TV.")

    1. Oooh yeah, thanks, I'll edit the mistake =)

  2. Sorry, I forgot to thank you for posting the stories, they were a good read. :) Scary is always fun.

  3. These are good stories to read, but there's no question... How in the fuck are we supposed to know the answer to a question that doesn't have a question?

    1. to a *RIDDLE* That doesn't have a question

  4. I know another one of these types of riddles:

    I was walking down the street on my normal route to work, when suddenly, a homeless man I had never seen before caught my eye. I turned to look at him. He was sitting at the side of the road, holding up a cardboard sign. I paid no real attention to him, until I heard him speak.
    "Potatoes." he said, as a pudgy young woman walked by.
    I turned back around and stared at the pudgy woman. Sure, she did sort of look like a potato in clothes, but why would he insult someone like that? After all the homeless man was the one asking for help, he should be more respectful. As another woman walked by, this time a small, tan one, the man said again, "Carrots."
    Carrots? Was this man just naming foods? He might just be sick in the brain. But, I decided to watch him anyways.
    "Human." he said. A tall, handsome man strolled by. Yes, he was a human, but what was so good about that? I decided to go up to investigate.
    "What are you doing out here?" I asked. "Why are you calling out these random foods and such?"
    The homeless man winked. "I have a strange power. It's not very good I suppose, but I can tell exactly what people just ate. And, I can tell you have just had toast."
    I smiled. I had just ate toast for my breakfast. I dropped a dollar into the man's hand and strolled along, continuing my walk to work...

    1. this would be so good if the homeless person doesn't reveal his power and we are just left to guess what the hell the riddle is about. Potatoes, carrots, human, of those aforementioned things does not belong, or does it?


  5. I know I may sound stupid when I say this, but I just don't understand the one where you need to read it backwards. I know what to do, but I still don't get it. Could someone help me?

    1. I think the friend is robbing him? Or killing him and taking his money?

  6. 24 and 31 are badically the same riddle, yet their answers are different.... yet I don't get any of them! Can someone explain? Also, great job with the riddles

  7. 24 and 31 are badically the same riddle, yet their answers are different.... yet I don't get any of them! Can someone explain? Also, great job with the riddles



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