June 29, 2012

Apparently Sho is in Singapore

Weibo is screaming Sho-Is-In-Singapore paparazzi photos. As you can remember Sho and Kitagawa Keiko is currently filming the movie version of an extended spinoff of their popular drama Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de, alongside the original production team from the series.

This would be the first time for Sho Sakurai (who arrived days ago, still not sure) to film overseas, and more surprises: It was reported that aside from the MerLion, Raffles Hotel, the production crew had reservations to use Asia's Biggest and one of the most luxurious Cruises, the SuperStar Virgo, for the filming location.

It's a major production of course, and keeping a low profile has been the number one priority. Fans succeded with Shiina Kippei and  Naoto Takenaka though.

The movie is planned to finish at the end of July, and released in theaters sometime by 2013.

Anyway time for Sho Sakurai Paparazzi Pics. lol, fans have became paparazzis too. But the good news is that despite the few photos being shared online with Sho being shy, he was said to wave at the fans at some of the other filming locations. 

But seriously? I wanna have his cap...and his expensive bag

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  1. Lulz the bag is sure expensive haha but it's worth the price I guess (οΎ‰∀`)